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Ethan Hathaway is the leading provider of information, training (public, in-house and online business and financial training courses) and coaching for business executives and finance professionals all over the world.

Our events and information products cover a wide range of financial topics from Asset & Liability Management, Accounting & Auditing, Credit, Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Derivatives, Capital Markets, Securitisation, Project Finance, Trade Finance, Treasury Management, Leadership Management, Sales, Project Management, Oil & Gas, Energy topics and more.

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Our Trainers and Consultants all have:

What do you get out of Ethan Hathaway courses?

Find out more about why you should attend an Ethan Hathaway course.

Why name yourselves Ethan Hathaway?

Since we get asked this question ALL the time, here's the background on the company name:

Hathaway comes from the name of legendary businessman Warren Buffett's company, Berkshire Hathaway. We like his style, his philosophy and his down to earth character.

We truly believe in his business philosophies: Invest in the things you know and understand well.

Our business is based on this motto, we only work on what we know best and that's providing information, training and coaching for professionals that help you master your job.

How did we come up with the name Ethan? Well, you're just going to have to ask us personally for that answer.


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Professional Affiliations

Ethan Hathaway works with many professional bodies around the world to add value to our clients for attending our courses.

International Academy of Business and Financial Management

Ethan Hathaway offers accredited courses from the International Academy of Business and Financial Management (IABFM).

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Who attends Ethan Hathaway courses?

People from all over the region from various financial institutions and multinational companies attend our courses.

Ethan Hathaway clients

Here's just a partial list of clients who have attended Ethan Hathaway courses:

Why become an Ethan Hathaway client?

As an Ethan Hathaway customer, you're not just a "delegate", or "client" or "staff" from a company.

We think of you as individual customers that we enjoy meeting face-to-face.

When you attend one of our courses, we intend to treat you like you're a lifetime customer.

For example, just like the time BA lost a dental filling on day one of one our courses, we quickly found a dentist to get it fixed.

Or the time JG and AF needed to buy ferry tickets before the last boat back to the island, we got those for them so they didn't have to worry about whether they could get home or not.

What do clients say about Ethan Hathaway courses?

While we'd love to talk about how great our courses are, don't take our word for it, we'll let our clients do the talking.

Just take a look at what some of our customers are saying:

"Good blend of statistics, products and examples from real world." - NJ, SEB, Sweden

"Very good..." - DB, Citigroup, London, UK

"I never imagined the great impact of the operational risk on the business as a whole before attending this course." After attending this course: "I got a lot of ideas to implement in my department/bank" - GJ - Head of Internal Audit, BNU, Macau

"Informative, comprehensive and comprehensible" - FP - Chief Risk Officer, ICBC Asia, Hong Kong

"This was exactly what I was looking for...The 3 biggest benefits of attending this training course were the take away materials, clear presentation and the up-to-date market focus." - CB, Vice President, Loan Exposure, Deutsche Bank AG, Singapore

"What I liked most about this training course was the vivid presentation...this course 100% met my expectations." - CS, Financial Director, Superior Essex, China.

"Thank you for great services that you give to us... John is great. His experience gives us useful knowledge." - MH, Assistant Manager, Treasury Group, Bank Mandiri, Indonesia

"Just keep up the good work!" - KN, Assistant Manager, Treasury Group, Bank Mandiri, Indonesia

"Everything about the material is good." - MAI, Dealer, Bank Mandiri, Indonesia

"The course goes beyond my expectations, the most impression thing is the instructor. He is a professional." - CS, Finance Dept, PTT Exploration and Production, Thailand

"The course gives me more than my expectations...The speaker is a very, very, very experience trainer." - QE, Bank Mandiri, Indonesia