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Each cohort/session is instructor-led and includes instructor-review of your final project submissions, so each session is limited to only 20 people.

***All potential instructors who want to sell on the EH course platform MUST go through the Course Creator Labs to be eligible to sell on the platform.

Completing this course does not guarantee inclusion on the platform, completing this course ensures eligibility only.

Who Benefits from the Course Creator Lab?

  • Knowledge Experts: Coaches, consultants, authors, speakers with subject matter expertise
  • Content Creators & Entrepreneurs: You create content as your main business and want to add online courses to your product offerings.
  • Any Instructor who wants to host and sell your online course offering on our platform
EH Course Design Masterclass Waitlist

What Instructors Say About Us

What’s Covered In the Course Creator Labs

Course Creator Labs
Module 1

Avoid Common Course Creator Mistakes

Many potential instructors we encounter make the same mistakes. We tackle these head-on so you can break-free from these obstacles that tend to derail so many instructors.

Module 2

The EH Learning Method to Course Design

We share our EH Learning Methodology, developed from over two decades experience in the training & course design industry.

We share the learning structure that just makes sense in the modern era and how to craft a course that helps your students achieve tangible outcomes.

Module 3

How to Be the Best Instructor You Can Be

The common misconception is online courses are just a collection of videos.
We shatter this myth by showing you which content format is BEST suited for your natural abilities so you can be the BEST instructor you can be.

The latest trend is “cohort”-based courses, but these are NOT new. We’ll show you how to mix and match different types of course formats that suit your lifestyle and your goals.

Module 4

80/20 Content Production

Once you’ve determined your chosen content format, we’ll share our best tips for producing course content whether it’s video, audio or text.

Module 5

How to Package Your Course

Once your course details are finalized, you’re ready to launch and promote your course.

We share the contrarian methods to packaging and selling your courses that help get more attention and help you stand out from the crowd.

Final Assessment

Instructor-Review of Your Final Project

Our expert instructor will review all final submissions of your course curriculum, sample lessons and course packaging details.

Benefits of Hosting Your Course on the EH Platform

  • Established and global brand
  • Access to an International audience
  • Access to our Corporate Clients (*PRICELESS*)
  • Carefully curated and selected Instructors, unlike course marketplaces that commoditize Instructors and your courses – we’re about quality over quantity
  • Free to host and sell, we only take a % of sales (host as many courses as you wish)


EH Course Design Masterclass Waitlist
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