8 Critical Management Roles for Effective Leadership

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8 Critical Management Roles for Effective LeadershipIf you want to be an effective business leader within your company, Steve Lesser, one our leadership experts, says you need to have these 8 critical management roles:

  1. SPECIALIZED PROFESSIONAL – Relates technical or complex information to the job, but within the strategic scope of the project.
  2. FACILITATOR – Manages discussions effectively; ensures that all parties are in agreement and have a clear understanding of the agreed-upon next steps before going on; keeps the focus on moving the work/project forward.
  3. PROBLEM SOLVER – Effectively analyzes the overall situation/project; proactively identifies problems and proposes solutions.
  4. COACH – Motivates and works effectively with others while helping them develop skills and knowledge; creates an environment where coaching & feedback is important.
  5. ADMINISTRATOR – Manages time, deadlines, and budgets simultaneously; provides a variety of written summaries for projects; has a clear understanding of the policies and procedures involved in utilizing resources.
  6. INFLUENCER – Receives recommendations favorably. Is persuasive; presents options and trade-offs and focuses on win-win outcomes.
  7. STRATEGIST – Gets the “big picture”; has a clear understanding of business strategies and needs as well as objectives and concerns.
  8. PARTNER – Brings a high level of trust and commitment to working relationships; has a keen, objective sense of whether expectations are being met; values open communication as a fundamental building block for all constituent relationships.

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