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Vincent is the Managing Director of Ethan Hathaway, a global training & learning provider and media company for business and finance. I have a passion for business topics such as how to grow a business, how to best use technology in business and how to make the most out of limited resources.

Would You Be Hired by Warrent Buffett?

We’re big fans of Warren Buffett (our company name is based upon Berkshire Hathaway!), we vibe with a lot of the wisdom he shares. When Warren hires, he doesn’t focus too much on where a candidate went to school or specific skills… …he looks for these three character traits in a candidate: Intelligence Energy Integrity …

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The World’s Largest Trading Bloc

This past week, fifteen Asia-Pacific countries formed the world’s largest trading bloc, called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). Highlights of the deal include: The trade bloc includes: all ten nations under the ASEAN, plus China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand Notably absent…the USA The RCEP deal is forecasted to account for 30% …

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How to Say “No”

In the 2008 movie, Yes Man, Jim Carrey’s character goes on a journey of saying “Yes” to every opportunity that arises. It’s an interesting premise, but in today’s age of attention-deficient days, with multiple sources competing for our attention throughout the day, there is a change in tide in figuring out how to say “No” …

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City of London Catches Up on Green Bonds

“Green” bonds have been making their mark over the last few years and yielding growing interest among investors. The City of London has started offering these “green” bonds to fund environmentally-friendly projects now. This offering will attract the ESG (environmental, social and governance) concious investors and funds. France and Germany have been leading the EU …

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Humans Take Jobs Away from Robots in Walmart…Wait, What?

The common theme we write about is how automation & robots will take over many jobs traditionally performed by humans. But, it looks like Walmart is doing an about face… …they have recently ended their contract with robotics firm, Bossa Nova Robotics, a firm Walmart had contracted for the last five years to provide robots …

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