Why Doodling Makes Your More Productive

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The dreaded meeting. The place where corporate suits & cubicle dwellers find boredeom and obstacles to productivity. That’s when you might start doodling around on your notes, ends up that’s not a bad thing. [Read on for why doodling can make you more productive]

The mystery of the miserable employees

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What could be causing employees to be miserable even though their business unit is successful? We could be seeing more and more of these types of situations. On the surface, evertyhing looks fine, but pull back the layers and you’ll find more than you bargain for. [Read on to find out]

10 Inspirational Star Wars Quotes for Entrepreneurs

Reading Time: 1 minute

I grew up being a big Star Wars fan.  Still am. So anytime you can tie in Star Wars AND business, I’m all for it! Here’s ten inspirational quotes from Star Wars for Entrepreneurs, some are pretty well-known, some not so common. [Read on]

Improving Your Work Culture with a Smile?

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This experiment where teachers greeted students with a smile and a positive message each morning seems to make a big difference for both students and teachers. Can the same concept be applied to the work place? [Read more]

Things That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago…

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It’s incredible what can happen in ten years, I absolutely believe we’ll see even more change in the next ten years than we have in the last ten: Things that did not exist 10 years ago today: Uber Airbnb Instagram Snapchat Bitcoin iPad Spotify Kickstarter Siri Google Chrome Alexa WhatsApp Slack Venmo Tinder Square#HappyNewYear #Happy2018 …

Things That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago…

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