Here’s why Amazon Ships Products in Large Boxes

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Ever wonder why your Amazon order comes in a box larger than the product you ordered? Here’s why: Why Amazon delivers small things in huge boxes occasionally pic.twitter.com/Qhtbnc5g6w — Alexander Savin (@alexsavinme) December 26, 2017

Developing Business Leadership

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Transform your business leadership with these 50 selected and suggested books on leading a company, people and industry. Reading is one of the best ways to continue growing in your knowledge as a leader and developing for the sake of your business as a whole. So take a moment to pick up and read and …

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Scoring Your Team

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Using score cards to assess your team and business is one of the best ways to not only give feedback, but to also get feedback. Use such scorecards to learn what can be changed and what is working for your organization. Your teams will appreciate it and will not only see that you are working …

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