What kind of leader are you?

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There are leaders who lead by leveraging fear.  There are leaders who manipulate and pit internal team members against one another (creating an environment of hostility, not healthy competition). Luckily, not all leaders lead with this style. At the opposite end of the spectrum, leaders who try to be everyone’s friend also doesn’t work – …

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Zoom overdose

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While many workers are working from home/remotely, it looks like managers aren’t adjusting too well by scheduling waaaaayyyyyy too many Zoom calls. Sure, I get it, if you’re in a client-facing role, then you might not be able to avoid Zoom calls, but we shouldn’t be wasting everyone’s time with too many internal Zoom meetings. …

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Are you making these “thinking” mistakes?

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Smartphones. Instant messaging. Email. Zoom calls. We’re constantly barraged with distractions on a daily basis. Do you ever have days where you feel like you’re running around like a chicken but at the end of the day you fee like you got nothing done? One big reason? We’re not allowing ourselves time to think. Not …

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How this company saved $100M in customer support

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Right now companies are looking for every little nook & cranny to save money and stem the bleeding. Expedia (prior to the current COVID-19 crisis) was able to save $100M in customer support costs by doing an 80/20 analysis: what’s the biggest cause for their customer support costs? Ends up much of their customer support …

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Measuring remote worker performance

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As countries that re-opened start to lockdown again due to increases in COVID infections, work-from-home/remote work is going to continue as far as I can see. I know some managers and team leaders who are new to having to manage your team members remotely are finding it extremely nerve-wracking not being able to see what …

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