Heading Towards Deglobalization

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The last few decades saw massive advances in globalization. The technology we have access to is affordable for any business size and has resulted in entire companies who have teams dispersed around the world with no centralized physical location. But now, the signals are indicating we’re heading in the opposite direction – less globalization due …

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Workers Don’t Want to Go Back to the Office

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I know this doesn’t really reflect what every worker thinkgs & feels but now that many people are getting a taste of working-from-home (WFH) for extended period of time, some are loving it. (I know I do!) But for many managers and bosses, they’re pulling their hair out and worried about productivity flatlining. What WFH …

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Hiring Millennials? Read this…

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A lots been said about the latest generation a.k.a Millennials, but in reality every new generation faces new challenges (good and bad). If your company leans more towards hiring more and more millennials (I would think most companies will start to fall into this category), then you need to read this article on hiring millenials. …

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The Jobs of Tomorrow 2020 Report

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One of the common themes I like to write about these days is looking at how jobs as we know it are changing and how we need to adapt to these changes in the on-coming job revolution. LinkedIn has published their most recent emerging jobs report of 2020. The report has some interesting information and …

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