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The One-Stop Shop to Rule Them All

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The One-Stop Shop to Rule Them All India is paving the way for something interesting in e-commerce, they’re testing out their Open Network for Digital Commerce, a government-supported initiative, which could revolutionize e-commerce. The open network is NOT a platform itself, but a network of platforms allowing sellers on multiple platforms to participate yet allowing …

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Amazon Sellers Beware

Reading Time: 1 minute

AMAZON SELLING Amazon is that Big Brother you love to hate. Yes, they offer one of the world’s largest marketplace for e-commerce selling, but if they set their sights on you and your products, then look out! Amazon has been under the microscope for its alleged antitrust practices around the world. The claim: Amazon uses …

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US e-commerce Takes a Tumble

Reading Time: 1 minute

E-commerce darling, Shopfiy, recently laid off 10% of its workforce after making a bet on e-commerce growth during the pandemic. However, based upon recent US Census Bureau statistics, e-commerce adoption has taken a tumble this year as the world faces an economic downturn. Lessons we can take from this: Expand into international markets, so you …

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Amazon seeks & destroys fake reviews

Reading Time: 1 minute

While this isn’t a new problem for Amazon, the stakes are getting higher for those peddling fake Amazon product reviews (e.g. Facebook groups). Rewind: There are groups and merchants who offer rewards in exchange for 5-star product reviews on Amazon (thus manipulating Amazon’s algorithms). Not only would it cost your your product listing and/or removal …

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Live shopping falls flat in the West

Reading Time: 1 minute

The live-shopping (selling goods via live streaming) market in China was worth approximately $300 billion in 2021. In the US, while Walmart, Meta, Amazon and Youtube are trying to get this trend going in the West, it doesn’t forecast to reach anywhere near the amount in China and Asia.

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