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Fintech Explained

Blockchain. Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies. Fintech. These are all terms you’re hearing and seeing thrown around. A lot of people are talking about these topics, but how many really understand what they all mean? MIT has published a nice (free) article explaining all the basics you need to know about Fintech. Head on over to to read …

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Everything You Want to Know About Drones

Drones (those flying quadracopters you see everywhere these days) have made it easier to film sweeping panoramas, are being tested to make autonomous deliveries and more. If you wanted to learn about what all the fuss is about with drones, Emerging Tech Brew (a Morning Brew newsletter) has published (for free) their Guide to the …

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How Bitcoin is Mined

Bitcoin has been getting a lot of attention lately (more than usual). Not to mention Canada has just approved North America’s first Bitcoin ETF (via our sister newsletter, Finance & Money Edge). But there’s still a lot of people who may have heard of Bitcoin, but don’t really know or understand what it really is. …

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How to Monetize Your App

Many app developers use a freemium model to grow their user-base. But outside of that, many don’t really think about how they’ll monetize their app in the future. Usually, the single goal of the founder(s) is to try to exit by being acquired by a larger company. But what if that isn’t an option? How …

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Take a Ride on the Hyperloop

Elon Musk’s Boring Company isn’t the only one building out hyperloop transportation. Virgin Hyperloop is also another player in the futuristic transportation mode. They recently released a video showing what the experience of travelling on their hyperloop would be like. It’s like something out of a futuristic book I used to read as a school …

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