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AI Discovers 50 New Planets Analysing Old NASA Data

Two of my favourite topics today, this is a great example of how the future will involve humans  working along side artifical intelligence (AI). Astronomy researchers developed a machine learning algorithm to determine “real” planets from “fake” planets. By using this algorithm, it helped confirm the discovery of fifty new planets by analysing old data from …

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The Three Pillars of Data Analytics

Data analytics can help you find pockets of profit opportunities, areas to resource waste, especially these days where businesses are looking for ways to find missed opportunities. If you want to harness data analytics for your business, here’s three pillars of data analytics you should know about.

Data Science vs Data Analytics

Data science and data analytics are some of the “trendy” areas people are flocking to when it comes to emerging skills. But if you’ve been contemplating a move into these areas, you might be asking yourself: “What’s the difference between data science vs data analytics?”

How to AI

One of the main topics of the Emerging Edge is what’s happening in AI (artificial intelligence), well, the good folks at Emerging Tech Brew, have posted their handy guide to AI (for humans). Have a look here. (With the amazing test results from GPT-3, I can safely tell you this was written by a human…or …

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