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Would You Be Hired by Warrent Buffett?

We’re big fans of Warren Buffett (our company name is based upon Berkshire Hathaway!), we vibe with a lot of the wisdom he shares. When Warren hires, he doesn’t focus too much on where a candidate went to school or specific skills… …he looks for these three character traits in a candidate: Intelligence Energy Integrity …

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How to Say “No”

In the 2008 movie, Yes Man, Jim Carrey’s character goes on a journey of saying “Yes” to every opportunity that arises. It’s an interesting premise, but in today’s age of attention-deficient days, with multiple sources competing for our attention throughout the day, there is a change in tide in figuring out how to say “No” …

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How to Have More Productive Remote Meetings

Whenever the pandemic ends, we’re all going to be tired of hearing the word “Zoom”. Personally, I find majority of meetings to be fruitless & time wasting, I get that most traditional businesses still need to have meetings. Now, with remote meetings, it’s easy to just lose your day to endless amounts of Zoom meetings. …

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How to Read More

Reading is an activity I regularly talk about/promote here. Because I believe in the motto “Leaders are Readers”. Not only that, but active readers engage their brains more and display more empath towards others. But in today’s digital age where we’re pummelled everyday by devicses, messages, and constant pushing & pulling for our attention, it’s …

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Time vs Focus

Whether you’re working from home or working in the office, we’ve traditionally focused on time management to being productive. But, what I’m discovering more and more is it’s not a “time management” issue but more of a “focus” issue. Think about how often you may be distracted at home? E.g. kids, household chores, etc. Or …

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