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Happy Birthday SOX

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Here are our hand-picked issues for you to know about in the world of global finance from the past week: Happy Birthday SOX Recently, CFO’s & Finance heads “celebrated” the 20th birthday of Sarbanes-Oxley (lovingly known as SOX). As Finance heads have adapted to life with SOX, they’re seeing it more as a risk exercise …

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Recession anyone?

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Here are some of the top issues in global finance you want to be aware of: The US economy (GDP) fell for the second consecutive quarter (recession anyone?). The continued global supply chain issues and record high inflation isn’t helping. The U.S. Senate is going after credit card fees. If you run (or have run) …

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Why have commodity prices fallen off a cliff?

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Here are the top hand-picked global financial issues you should know about this week: Why have commodity prices fallen off a cliff? CFO’s: how to implement AI the right way Lloyds bank preparing for economic downturn Want a better understanding of what influences commodity prices and what to do about it? Check this out.

Commodity prices are dropping

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Here’s 3 issues to make you smarter in the world of finance and fintech this week: What will drive crypto adoption? Deutsche Bank announces they’re white-labelling their buy now, pay later (BNPL) service in Germany Commodity prices are dropping Don’t know what to do with volatility in commodities? This helps you get clarity on what …

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