An easy way to improve your memory

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As I get older, I’ve found my memory is not so great. Check out this article that explains an easy method to improve your memory (both short and long term memory) and can even be helpful for people with Alzheimers. [Read more here]

GM is mass-producing cars with no steering wheels

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Autonomous and driverless cars are coming, no matter what you think. The fact GM has these plans is a huge indication of where this is heading. [Read more]

Cashierless Walmart Stores Are Coming

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I’m already seeing more and more of this at the local McDonald’s, supermarkets, etc – automated and self-service cashiers. Once a staple job for many, cashier jobs are disappearing. As one of the most dominant retailers in the world, Walmart is joining this trend. [Read more here]

Secrets of the Ultra-Productive

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Are you looking to ramp up that productivity quotient of yours? Maybe you need to take a look at these 11 secrets of the ultraproductive right now. What will you find? Productivity tips that will extend to be life tips themselves. Read the full article here: 11 things ultra-productive people do

We’re Hiring: Marketing Executive / Senior Marketing Executive

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Ethan Hathaway is a growing global B2B provider of information, coaching and training for business and finance professionals around the world. We organise corporate training events in venue cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, London, Paris and more. Our clients range from international & domestic banks & financial institutions, multi-national corporations, government …

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