Automation Disrupting Japanese Banks

We keep hearing about how the retail and manufacturing industries are being disrupted by automation, but banking and financial services is also an industry seeing massive disruption. Japanese banks are seeing this firsthand now with thousands of jobs being lost to automation. [Read more]

How Retail is Being Changed by Robots and Drones

It’s well documented how the retail industry has undergone (and still undergoing) a massive shift due to automation, robots, etc. This WSJ article looks at just how much robots and drones will change the retail industry going forward. [Read more]

How AI is used in healthcare

One of the biggest industries where we’ll see advances in AI use is the healthcare industry. Here’s an interesting look at how AI is being used right now in the healthcare industry. [Read more]

Automating law with machine learning

The legal industry is one of the industries being disrupted by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. One such company is Atrium, not a software company, but a law firm that leverages machine learning to make their services more accessible to businesses. [Read more here]

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