Diversity done right

Diverity done right...Seattle Kraken

I have been a life-long ice hockey fan.

So, with the announcement of Seattle's newest expansion team, the Seattle Kraken, I'm pretty excited to see what they can do (just like at the Las Vegas Knights!).

One thing the Kraken has done well from their very short existence, is get diversity right.

In a traditionnally male-dominated industry, from the beginning, some of their first hires broke the status quo:

They hired Alexandra Mandrycky as Director of Strategy and Research (their analytics chief).

Then added Namita Nandakumar as Senior Quantitative Analyst to their hockey analytics team.

Hiring former Olympic Gold medalist and Hockey Hall of Famer, Cammi Granato, as part of the hockey scouting team.

And most recently, Everett Fitzhugh, the first Black team broadcaster in NHL history.

Updated: before we could even publish this, the Kraken have made another hire, Dani Chu, an award-winning quantitative analyst, to their hockey operations team.

It's an amazing and diverse management team they're building and they've shown they're leading the way in breaking the norms and status quo when it comes to diversity.

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