Financial Institutions Embracing AI

Reading Time: 1 minute

Reading Time: 1 minute


Financial Institutions Are Embracing AI

While JP Morgan made the news by banning the use of ChatGPT, it doesn’t mean banks are ignoring AI. In fact, more and more financial institutions are looking at how they can integrate AI within their organization and products & services.


London Losing Listings?

One of the biggest companies listed on the FTSE 100, CRH (building materials group), plans to move its listing from London to New York. This follows Cambridge-based chip maker, ARM, decided to list in the US instead of London as well.

Not only that, but energy giant, Shell, is also choosing to move their listing to the US.

What can London do to attract more listings (or at least stop the bleeding)?


China No Longer Seen as the Next Gold Rush

I spent two decades working in Hong Kong and saw lots of foreign investment pile into China during that time. Now, with tensions becoming more and more tenuous, American firms are no longer eyeing China as the place to be.

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