Forget Meme Stocks, Sports Teams Baby!

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Job Cuts Everywhere

Looks like a lot of the binge-hiring during the pandemic is being undone now as companies in various sectors are now bing-cutting staff, such as:

  • Deloitte UK purges older partners
  • Twitter (rather Elon Musk) cuts half its workforce
  • Meta (parent of Facebook) is looking cut 11K jobs
  • Credit Suisse is already planning to cut its workforce
  • Stripe will cut 8K jobs
  • Lyft plan to cut 5K jobs
  • That’s just from this past week…


HSBC Customers Left Out in the Cold Due to Outage

HSBC UK customers were left unable to buy food, pay for meals and pay for goods during an outage with the bank’s online banking systems on a Friday night.

Luckily, services were restored in the wee hours of the next morning.


Forget Meme Stocks, Sports Teams Baby!

Liverpool FC’s US-based owners are mulling selling the team.

NHL’s Ottawa Senators are also on sale, with Ryan Reynolds interested to partner up to take a stake in the team.

Why so much interest?

Seems like sports teams are not a bad investment.

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