How to Become a Better Leader

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Often times, I hear people complain about their boss, immediate supervisor or manager.

If you think about it, we’re not all born with leadership skills. We’re often thrust into a leadership role without any kind of preparation.

If you’re in a leadership role, a skill to add to your toolbox is how to get proper feedback on your own performance as a leader.

In this article by Shivani Berry, she shares her observations of great leaders: great leaders ask for feedback.

There’s two steps to getting feedback:

  1. Manage your knee-jerk reaction. Asking for feedback opens you up to criticisms, good leaders manage this without reacting impulsively.
  2. Empower your staff to share more. If you bite people’s heads off after asking for feedback no one will share valuable feedback with you or at least they won’t share what they really think.

[Read the full article for more]


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