Measuring remote worker performance

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As countries that re-opened start to lockdown again due to increases in COVID infections, work-from-home/remote work is going to continue as far as I can see.

I know some managers and team leaders who are new to having to manage your team members remotely are finding it extremely nerve-wracking not being able to see what people are doing on a daily basis.

That’s due to one of the most common problems I see when it comes to managing remote workers…your staff performance metrics are likely incorrect.

The normal salaried office worker is paid a regular salary in exchange to be “in the office” for around eight working hours per day (just a common average, I know it can vary).

Here’s a few problems with this:

  • Hours spent in office does not equal to good performance…
  • …in fact, at times, it could “reward” people for just looking busy for the sake of staying at the office longer and punsh staff who are more efficient and productive but don’t stay in the office long after the work day has ended
  • Shifting focus to outcomes, results and clear deliverables is a better way to measure performance
  • Examples: 
    • # of customer enquiries resolved
    • Time of response to customer enquiries
    • Sales in $ achieved (not number of calls made)
    • Milestones of a project completed – on time or past a deadline?

These are all things to consider in light of our new normal regarding work.

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