Paris Overtakes London as Europe’s Biggest Stock Market

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Another One Bites the Dust

Unless you’ve been living under a big cryptocoin rock, you’ve heard about the demise of one of crypto industry’s “darlings”: FTX.

We won’t beat this news item any more than it has already been covered, but we’ll just give you some tidbits below if you want to read more about how FTX went from darling to spectacular blow up:


    It Sucks to be a Food Importer

    As consumers see their avocado and toast ingredients get even more expensive, it’s not the best time to be a food importer these days.


    Paris Overtakes London as Europe’s Biggest Stock Market

    The Parisian stock market ($2.823tr) just edged out London’s stock market ($2.821tr) in total value of companies this past week, taking over the top spot as Europe’s largest stock market which London has held since 2003.

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