Remote Work is Saving People & Businesses Time & Money, Canada’s Strong M&A Market

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In this issue:

  • Remote work is saving people & businesses time and money
  • Canada set for another strong year in M&A after a record 2021
  • The world leaders in real-time payments

As the Omicron variant spreads like wildfire throughout the world, many companies are moving back to a remote or hybrid working model for the foreseeable future.

Professor Scott Galloway, the rockstar business guru & NYU professor, states that the shift to remote work for many is proving to save staff and businesses time and money:

Based upon the average commute in the U.S. and time to get ready for work, remote work potentially saves 62 minutes per day.

Which equates to on average $7,440 per year in savings.

Looking outside the U.S., I remember clients used to tell me their commute into the Central Business Districts in Jakarta from where they live would involve over one hour commute one-way.

Imagine having the ability to save two hours per day (ten hours per week!) just from your commute to work?

The time and cost savings are potentially more in dense cities such as Jakarta, Manila, etc.

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