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I’ve mostly worked remotely for over fifteen years now, add to that I’m an Introvert (on the extreme side of the spectrum) – my wife laughs at me saying I’ve trained my entire life for this global pandemic.

But I know many people who are experiencing this for the first time for such a long period of time are having a tough time dealing with this.

You might be the type that gets energized being around lots of people and being out and about.

But now, you can’t do any of those things and it could start to drive you crazy.

And if you’re a parent, even though we love our kids – it’s even more taxing on your nerves since we no longer get that “relaxed” feeling once the kids are at school =).

One thing I found helpful to deal with working at home is to have a morning routine that helps you press reset in your brain so you can start the day on a more successful note.

I’m currently following what’s called the “Morning Buddha” routine.

Part of the routine is, I set aside some time to myself and start writing “Morning Pages” – as popularized by Julia Campbell. This is just a brain dump of long-form writing – getting all your thoughts running through your mind onto paper so it no longer blocks you from focusing on work or thinking.

The writing doesn’t have to be an essay nor make sense. The key is to write three pages – even if you repeat thoughts in your head, just write it out.

Give it try for a few consecutive days and see how you feel.

I won’t give away all of the Morning Buddha routine here, but if your curious about the rest of the routine, check out the book here.

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