Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How to AI

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One of the main topics of the Emerging Edge is what’s happening in AI (artificial intelligence), well, the good folks at Emerging Tech Brew, have posted their handy guide to AI (for humans). Have a look here. (With the amazing test results from GPT-3, I can safely tell you this was written by a human…or …

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Why we should teach our kids creativity instead of coding

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I’ve never been a big supporter of the whole teach our kids coding movement. Not all kids or people are meant to be coders (yes, you do need to have some aptitude for it). If everyone was a coder, it wouldn’t alleviate any problem we have This Wired article talks about how we should be …

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This country’s banks are leading in AI planning…

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The financial industry has seen a good part of the effects of AI and machine learning. Banks in Brazil are leading the way when it comes to incorporating AI in their future plans. [Read more]

How companies are using AI & machine learning to tackle marketing problems

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Here’s a look at how enterprise companies are using AI and machine learning to tackle their marketing problems:   Enterprises are tackling the most challenging #marketing problems with #AI and #MachineLearning on a basis of: -Case by Case -Need to do -Can do -Must do via @CapgeminiConsul — Tiffani Bova (@Tiffani_Bova) March 2, 2018

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