Asset & Liability Management

Transparency for the Sake of Credibility

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In an interesting move today, some of the world’s largest banks are over-hauling the way they do their foreign exchange trading…and they are doing this overhaul quite publicly. Bloomberg has the report on Barclays Plc, Deutsche Bank, et. al., on how they are making quite a statement with the public regarding the handling of Foreign …

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5 Liquidity Management Tips

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Every business needs to invest enough time and energy in ensuring disruption free cash flow, both short term cash flow and long term funding. The liquidity of a business may change in line with market conditions and also as and when the business itself undergoes change (for example, with expansion plans). A liquidity crunch impacts …

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Role of Treasury

The Role of the Treasury Function

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Here’s a mind map image of the key roles that the corporate treasury department plays in financial management. (click on the image to view the full size image) Learn more about treasury management from our treasury experts.

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