Shopify Audiences: Yay or Nay?

Reading Time: 1 minute

Last month, Shopify launched their Shopify Audience Network to a segment of their customers. While the concept makes sense (kind of, targeting e-commerce buyers is a good thing), it does create a bit of murkiness in terms of those who participate in the network. Do you really want competitors re-targeting your buyers? While concepts like …

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Boost Your Amazon Product SEO

Reading Time: 1 minute

Demand Curve, shared some useful tips for improving your Amazon product listing for better SEO traffic: Your product listing depends on two elements: Performance: Are customers likely to buy your product? It’s a bit of a chicken & the egg, if your sales conversions are good, Amazon will naturally boost your listing. Along, with sales …

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Ikea Adjusting to an E-Commerce World

Reading Time: 1 minute

Our favourite Swedish furniture retailer is testing out adjustments to their retail locations to act as distributions hubs as more and more customers shift to online buying. Unlike another well-known retailer that took too long to recognize the importance of their e-commerce offering, it’s good to see Ikea make some big adjustments to catering to …

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An Inside Look at e-Commerce Behemoth Shein

Reading Time: 1 minute

You don’t have to be into fast-fashion to have heard of e-commerce heavyweight, Shein. While there’s a lot of murky stories about the company’s founder, there’s a lot to learn how Shein skyrocketed out of nowhere to be just about everywhere.

How to Build Trust as a Leader

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I’m a huge (Ice) Hockey fan, and my hometown team, the Vancouver Canucks had an awful start to this season. On paper, the team shouldn’t be performing so badly. What was going on? Ultimately, after a streak of losing games and not looking like the team they should be – the leadership team was fired …

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