Human Resources

How to Become a Star Banker To Grab a Piece of the Bonus Pie

Reading Time: 1 minute

As profits in the financial services industry contract, so too the large bonuses doled out to banking staff. Many banks are now only giving bonuses to the best performers at their firms so it’s become increasingly important to turn yourself into a high-performer.

Closing the Skills Gap in 2012

Reading Time: 1 minute

In a recent article on CareerBuilder, they polled 3,000 hiring managers in the US about their hiring plans for 2012. One of the trends that was indicated by their poll is that Employers want to close the skills gap of their employees through training.

Stress Management Online Training Course Launched

Reading Time: 1 minute

We’re happy to announce that the Stress Management online training course is now available. The Stress Management online course is the latest online course we’ve added to our growing portfolio of online courses for business and financial professionals.

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