Machine Learning

Everything a marketer needs to know about machine learning

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One field where artificial intelligence and machine learning is seeing a lot of advanced is marketing (and digital marketing). We’re seeing this more and more from Google and Facebook in the way paid ad campaigns are being setup and run. Google’s recently released a guide to machine learning for Marketers. [Read more here]

Chatbots in banking

Reading Time: 1 minute

Thinking about implementing a chatbot for your banking business? Here’s a case with Bank of America where a chatbot has a positive effect on the business. Chatbots are definitely here to stay and will only grow in usage. [Read more here]

10 ways machine learning is revolutionizing supply chain management

Reading Time: 1 minute

One industry where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is seeing massive use is Supply Chain Management. With the help of machine learning, supply chain professionals can now spot patterns to optimize your supply chain, without lifting a finger. [Read more here] 

Why we should teach our kids creativity instead of coding

Reading Time: 1 minute

I’ve never been a big supporter of the whole teach our kids coding movement. Not all kids or people are meant to be coders (yes, you do need to have some aptitude for it). If everyone was a coder, it wouldn’t alleviate any problem we have This Wired article talks about how we should be …

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