How to Cure Micro-Management…The Cat Circus

Employees hate being micro-managed and if your a savvy manager, you don’t want to be micro-managing your team members either.So, what’s the cure?This tip from Coach Tony on managing the “Cat Circus” can help you get over that micro-managing habit.

Measuring remote worker performance

As countries that re-opened start to lockdown again due to increases in COVID infections, work-from-home/remote work is going to continue as far as I can see. I know some managers and team leaders who are new to having to manage your team members remotely are finding it extremely nerve-wracking not being able to see what …

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Great CEO’s are learning machines

Here at Ethan Hathaway, our entire business and values is based upon lifelong learning. This article seems to support the fact that successful executives are ones who never stop learning. [Read more here]

Leadership Lessons from a Giant

Take a look at these leadership lessons and style guides from one of the greats: Warren Buffet. Buffet has been a leader for decades, and here he shares his wisdom on how to lead and succeed. Take a look and enjoy.   Read the full article here: Warren Buffet’s Leadership Style

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