Do you hate meetings?

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The biggest time killer and waster is meetings. Specifically unfocused meetings. It’s the one bain of time management. It’s also the one thing I rarely grant and waste time on unless: There’s a specific need There’s a specific structure and topic It’s pre-scheduled Otherwise, I don’t do meetings. The Economics talks more about the dreaded […]

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Being productive whether you’re an Introvert or Extrovert

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I’m a huge proponent of working to your natural preferences (I’m a natural Introvert). Despite the fact the world is majority catered to Extroverted people, the increasing awareness of how both types work differently is really nice to see. Here’s a nice article on how both types can create a more productive environment whicever type

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8 Daily Habits To Succeed

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Looking for some daily goodness to get you organized, inspired and ready to take on each and every single day? How about a regular time of reading? The words and wisdom of others can do wonders for you. Here’s another: practice gratitude daily and regularly. It will change your disposition. To learn more about things

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Gossip In the Workplace

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If you find yourself dealing with issues of gossip in your office, then one thing you might want to think about is how it might be systemic of other issues going on beneath the service. Read today’s article and learn how to read the signals and get to the deeper issues.   Read the full

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