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This is a no b.s., no tired tactics, tell-it-like-it-is, industry face-slapping course from a 20 year marketing veteran.

Warning: may harm your ego, not recommended for diva's or know-it-all's

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  • The #1 element to success, without this, don’t even bother
  • I stumbled upon the 3M approach after nearly crashing & burning
  • The Bruce Lee way of digital marketing
  • The #1 reason why your marketing isn’t working
  • Why most businesses lose money on marketing
  • The answer to Google vs Facebook, it’s not what you think
  • How to rise above the noise and connect with your audience like raving BTS fans
  • The massive LIE about content marketing and inbound marketing
  • The mistake(s) everyone’s making when it comes to hiring a competent digital marketer or agency
  • The most important lesson and myth marketers avoid talking about

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