How to Craft Proposals That Close Deals

The Art of Proposals Masterclass

In this online workshop, I share over two decades of practical tips and lessons from using sales proposals to win five to six figure deals worldwide.

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The training is amazing!

"...Thank you, by the way the training is amazing!"

Chika A.

Are you absolutely frustrated with spending hours on proposals, sending out proposal after proposal but having little to nothing to show for it?

I remember the very first "proposal" I had to prepare and send to a client:

Everyone in my sales team had their own way of doing things and I had to figure out how to do this on my own (at the naive age of 22).

It was more a quotation created in a spreadsheet with some wording sprinkled about. Nothing very persuasive or convincing. I don't think I won that deal, but when I look back over my career of two decades, I now know why I had lost before I even sent my "proposal".

Or fast-forward twenty years later, where I saw colleagues wanting to smash their heads against the wall with every proposal they had to prepare or how chaotic and stressed they would feel when there was an avalanche of request for proposals received that particular week and the overwhelm of getting proposals out in time.

Or maybe you dread the feeling of staring at a blank page of your proposal completely at a loss for what to write in your proposal to convince your prospect to buy from you.

After working with sales proposals for over two decades, I absolutely know how you feel. 

But I can assure you, it may feel frustrating and discouraging now, but it doesn't have to be.

Imagine your frustrations with proposals disappear and your sales increase

After over two decades in sales and marketing and using proposals to win five to six figure deals with big-name companies around the world, I started developing a great and proven framework.

I tested it out internally, but my colleagues were apprehensive at first and refused to try it. Only after they were at their wits end, did they try my system and framework out and boy were they much happier (and less dejected if I do say so myself).

That was the humble beginnings of the system and framework I developed called: The Art of Winning Proposals™

What's covered in The Art of Proposals Masterclass?

Go from feeling the proposal process is a gamble, waste of time, tedious process, frustrating, always losing deals... feeling confident with your proposals, close more deals, make more, make your proposals sharp-shooting tools of profit that hit their target more than missing.

  • The four-letter word that is the #1 reason why you’re not closing deals and results in hair-pulling frustration
  • How to increase your closing rate, morale, confidence
  • One under-the-radar question NO ONE asks that can save you boat loads of headaches
  • The Five Elements that MUST be present to close more deals
  • One simple message to prospects who’ve gone silent that will result in either resurrecting a deal you thought was dead or at least finding closure so you don’t keep wondering what happened
  • I share the exact framework and structure we use to close six to 7 figure deals without EVER meeting the prospective client in-person.
  • The ONE mistake 90% of proposals make that KILL your chances of closing the deal
  • Avoid this one small misstep that could derail your deal even if they chose you over your competitors
  • Why if you include this one element it kills your chances of your proposal being read
  • One simple way to structure your offer for higher profits that your competitors are most likely not doing
  • I show you how to present your proposal so you become the no-brainer choice over your competitors
  • I show you how to get your prospective client to “write” the majority of your proposal for you
  • The entire "The Art of Proposals" framework for structuring your proposals

Masterclass Modules


Mental Hurdles

  • Getting out of your own way
  • The secret to innovation & breaking through what's holding you back
  • The 4 letter word proposal killer...and how to overcome it
  • The ONE question no one asks (it's not what you think it is)...
  • ...and this little-known test that answers this question for you

How to Bark Up the RIGHT Tree

  • I share my simple and clear method for determining who should receive a proposal and who shouldn't - this saves you tonnes of headaches.
  • The five elements you need to check BEFORE preparing a proposal
  • Doing this improves morale, confidence & well-being when dealing with proposals 

Channel Your Inner Child

  • A potential new revenue stream you most likely didn't think of before
  • How to position yourself as the RIGHT choice with low friction
  • How you're most likely sending clients to your competitors without knowing it...I show you how to stop bleeding prospective clients and sending them to your competitors on a silver platter

Before You Prepare Your Proposal, Do This...

  • Tired of prospects "ghosting" you, going silent after you send them a this first
  • How to NOT be at the mercy of ridiculous and demanding requests for proposals

The Art of Proposal Framework

  • The exact structure and framework we've used and developed from over two decades of sending proposals to win & close five to six figure deals without even meeting the prospective client in person (e.g. we've closed large enterprise clients such as multinational banks, government departments, asset management firms, global retail brands, and more)
  • How to resurrect or get closure on a deal after a prospective client has gone silent on you after you've sent your proposal (works like a charm)
  • What to include to help "lift" your chances of closing a deal that your competitors are most likely not doing because of their own assumptions and beliefs

FREE BONUS: Red Flags: The Secret Sessions
($99 value)

  • I've dealt with clients from all over the world in the past twenty+ years, and I've kept a record of all the warning signs a potential "bad client or prospect" exhibits, I share the most common Red Flags in this bonus module
  • I've rarely share this outside my own close circle, this will be the first time

Who Should Take This Course

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Service professionals
  • Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Trainers
  • Sales professionals
  • Business development professionals
  • Digital Marketers
  • AND your product/service offering is $900 or above
  • AND any professional or business that sells with proposals or sales presentations/demos


  • Dislike reading - the majority of the course content is in long-form text
  • Only focus on tactics and can't apply principles & concepts to different situations (this is not a paint by numbers course)
  • Can't do the work nor follow instructions
  • Only care about expensive video production that just increases the cost of the course

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Your Masterclass Mentor

Vincent has over two decades of experience in B2B marketing and sales, selling to clients in over four continents.

He's worked for listed companies and started two companies of his own to build sales and clients from zero.

One question he often gets from people is: "How do you get those clients without ever stepping foot in that country?"

This course shows you how.

What You Get

Over Two Decades Worth of Lessons

On-demand lessons from my over two decades experience in the business world dealing with large enterprise clients from all over the globe, so you can consume the lessons at your own convenience.
(Value of $2,000,000.00)

Content Formats

Lesson content will mostly be a combination of text such as PDF's (I will also make it available in Kindle & other eReader formats), possibly some audio & video.

For Q&A's (Question & Answers), it will be a combination of text answers and recorded audio/video.


Kindle eBook Reader

Other eBook Readers

Unlimited Access

You have unlimited access to the course lessons - study at your own pace.

PLUS: For a limited-time, new clients get future updates to the course. (this will be removed in the future, but if you get in now, you'll be locked in).

Anywhere Access

Access the course with any Internet-enabled device. No software or special requirements needed.

Get Answers

You're eligible for Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions where you can submit any questions specific to your situation or about anything in the course.

See below for scheduled online Mentor-Access sessions.

Q&A sessions are either recorded for you to view at your leisure OR replied via Text within the course.

It's the closest you can get to getting personalised coaching.
(Value of $100,000.00)

Digital Certificate of Completion

After completing the training, you receive a digital & printable Ethan Hathaway certificate of completion to mark your achievement.

Total Value You Receive: $2,100,099.00

The Art of Proposals Masterclass

***By Application Only***


For individual use & learning only (*may not be shared or transferred to colleague);

See below for multi-user/team plans.
All prices in USD.

 Reg. 997

 Beta 497

  • On-Demand 24/7 All Access
  • Downloadable resources
  • Q&A and Online Coaching by Course Mentor
  • LIMITED TIME OFFER: Unlimited Access to the course materials & lessons
  • LIMITED TIME OFFER: Access to future updates
  • One user access
  • Digital certificate of completion

For Corporate Plans (multi-user access), please contact us at: [email protected]

THE ANTI-Guarantee

There is NO REFUND for this course.

In the last twenty+ years, the only reasons I've received for refunds are either:

1) The person did not take the time to read properly what they were getting (including what is actually covered in a course)

2) They did not complete the course and just want to try asking for refund because they failed to take time to complete it

So, none of the reasons were because the content was not good enough.

If you fall into the above category, then this course is NOT for you.

This is only suitable for people who understand the value here:

  • You understand that if you implement what you learn in this course and you even get just ONE client sale out of it, you would have made a positive return on your investment. Imagine being able to repeat this forever?
  • You're not just looking for tactics that can easily be obsolete, but want to learn the strategy, principles and concepts driving an effective proposal

Here is what I WILL GUARANTEE:

  • If you do the work, follow the instructions & lessons AND document it...
  • offer a quality product/service (if you scam your clients or sell a poor quality product/service, this voids the guarantee)
  • ...I will answer all your questions (even past your scheduled intake and help you until you close your first deal upon signing up for this course.

    Does that sound fair?

    After all, that's the goal of this course, to help you close that deal or client.

    If that sounds fair to you, then:

Accredited By

BAC AccreditedEthan Hathaway is accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education as an International Centre.

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