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Fintech for Everyone (Non-IT Professionals) Seminar

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Blockchain Demystified

From start-ups all around the world, entrepreneurs are applying their creativity and technical ingenuity all along the financial services value chain.

This wave of innovation promises a FinTech revolution that will change financial services for ever. For consumers and business alike there is the promise of vastly improved financial services.

Consumers will get more choices and keener pricing. Small and medium sized businesses will gain access to new forms and lines of credit. Banks productivity will increase, transaction costs will come down, operational resilience will be better.

All this will lead to a more resilient financial system with greater diversity, redundancy and depth.

Most importantly financial services will become more inclusive, while people will become better connected, more informed and increasingly empowered.

If you want to keep up-to-date in the fast changing FinTech scenario you need to understand what it is all about. And if you are a non-IT professional you need this information presented in clear non-technical terms.

This unique seminar gives you a comprehensive introduction to FinTech for Non-IT Professionals, what FinTech is all about and how it is changing financial, banking and commercial systems and the world.

Walk away from this seminar with the following knowledge added to your toolkit:

  • Discover the full scope of FinTech.
  • Explore the key FinTech development & implementation issues. 
  • Recognize the access issues for consumers and businesses.  
  • Discover how operational costs can be reduced and efficiency increased.
  • Explore data sharing and transparency in the light of data security and protection needs.
  • Explore actual case studies.

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The speaker has experience in this topic...Speaker know how to teach with simple language.
Bank Rakyat Indonesia

Here's what's covered:


What is FinTech?

    1. Defining Fintech
    2. Fintech history; When did it start?
    3. The financial services value chain
    4. FinTech & Public Policy
    5. Potential impact of FinTech on financial stability
    6. How FinTech could change the world – Will it?
    7. FinTech’s scope

FinTech Basics

    1. Terminology
    2. FinTech’s ecosystems
      1. Three problems in understanding FinTech

FinTech Innovations

    1. Functions and “clusters”
    2. FinTech’s scope - The FinTech field of play

Understanding the Blockchain

    1. What are Blockchain technologies?
      1. Introduction to the Blockchain
      2. Business Networks, markets & wealth
      3. Transferring assets - Building value
      4. Accouning for transactions - Ledgers
    2. Why is the Blockchain relevant for business?
      1. Shared ledgers
      2. Smart contracts
      3. Privacy
      4. Validation
    3. How the Blockchain can be applied to business
      1. Industrial / Business Blockchain benefits
      2. Customer adoption patterns
    4. Blockchain use cases
      1. Blockchain for banking
      2. Blockchain for banking consortia
    5. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
      1. What is Bitcoin?
      2. How did Bitcoin start?
      3. The logic behind Bitcoin
      4. How Bitcoin Works
        1. Blockchain
        2. Mining
        3. Storage - Bitcoin wallets
        4. How to use/send Bitcoins
      5. Bitcoin pros & cons
      6. Other Cryptocurrencies


Exploring the FinTech functions

A detailed look at the different areas that FinTech is taking over including actual examples.

    1. Functions & innovation clusters
      1. How many FinTech startups are there?
      2. Case study - A cashless world
    2. Payments
      1. The emerging ‘Payment Rails’
        1. Mobile money & P2P value transfers
    3. Insurance
      1. Insurance disaggregation
      2. Connected insurance
      3. Case Study - Mega insurers
    4. Deposits and lending
      1. The changing lending scene
      2. Alternative lending
      3. Shifting customer preferences
      4. Case Study - Deposits & lending partnering
    5. Raising capital
      1. Traditional capital raising methods
      2. Crowdfunding
    6. Investment management
      1. Empowered individuals
      2. Process Externalization
      3. Case Study - Investment management automation
    7. Market provisioning
      1. Technology & capital markets / Smarter, faster machines
      2. New market platforms
    8. Concluding Case Study – “M-Pesa, a perfect market innovator or disrupter?”
      1. Using SMS technology
      2. M-Pesa’s service evolution
      3. Why has M-Pesa been so successful?

Who Should Attend

No formal requirements, though it is recommended you should have basic business knowledge and a broad familiarity with fundamentals of business finance.

  • Senior management, executives or directors within the financial services, banking, and insurance sectors
  • Those working in e-commerce
  • Management consulting
  • Tech startups
  • Tech entrepreneurs
  • Senior business directors
  • Managing directors (specifically CIOs and COOs)
  • Senior analysts
  • Senior developers
  • Business unit directors
  • Bankers
  • Product managers
  • Senior software or app developers
  • Business development managers
  • Finance professionals
  • Digital strategists operating in the finance sector.

What customers say about Ethan Hathaway courses:

“Every part of it was interesting to me.” – A.D., Capital Market Authority

“The speaker has experience in this topic…Speaker know how to teach with simple language.” – P.M., Bank Rakyat Indonesia

“There were a lot of active discussions during the course & the instructor relates the subject to risk management as well…Small group encourage more active participation and more attendion from the instructor.” – Y.H., Maybank Investment Bank, Malaysia

About the trainer: “Excellent skills, knowledge & experience.”…About the course: “The way to teach is easy to understand, a lot of knowledge.” – I.M., Bank Rakyat Indonesia

“Speaker was very friendly and the subjects was good” – A.M., Saudi Stock Exchange, Saudi Arabia

“What I liked most about this course: The presentation of the speaker. Even the topic is very academic/technical but he can make the class fun.” – T.J., Maybank Investment Bank Bhd, Malaysia

Get on the notification list to be eligible for the ULTIMATE EARLY BIRD PRICE.
(***Promo code only available to those on the list).

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