How to Make Money for Your Bank AND Build a Basel Optimized & Compliant Balance Sheet

Basel Simulation Training Course

This Basel training course takes you through the latest developments of the Basel Accord.

We’ll Walk You Through the Latest Basel Developments

Here’s how you benefit from this course:

  • Discover HOW TO make money as a bank by understanding the strategic regulatory overview of the entire bank and not just knowing some rules and regulations.
  • Gain hands-on experience in knowing how to (not just know the formula) calculate liquidity, capital and leverage ratios.

    This calculation usually takes two to three days but in this workshop, you will have access to a framework to calculate these ratios in just ONE day.

  • You’ll also come away with knowing how to create a Basel optimized and compliant balance sheet
  • Learn from case studies of one of the best examples in the practical world: JP Morgan
  • Learn about the evolutionary context of Basel Norms up to Basel so you understand the rules & regulations have arrived to this present point
  • Gain a strategic and overall perspective of the regulatory framework
  • Gain hands-on experience with implementation aspects.

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Informative, comprehensive and comprehensible
Chief Risk Officer, ICBC Asia, Hong Kong

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Basel Course Agenda Highlights

  • Broaden your understanding of Basel and its latest updates
  • This training module deepens the knowledge of Basel in key areas of capital, balance sheet impact and impact on shareholder ratios at more granular level
  • Assessing the impact on financial statements with the help of JP Morgan financial statements as a background case study
  • Understanding the calculation, interpretation of liquidity ratios and delineating liquidity framework in the context of the evolution of framework since the proposal of Basel III until now.
  • Comprehensive simulation of optimising the balance sheet of a bank in the context of Basel.

    You gain hands-on experience in learning how to fine-tune and change the balance sheet parameters to maximise the shareholder returns while complying with the regulatory framework.

View the detailed course content and the latest discount promotions:

Have a question? Email us at: [email protected] or call us at: (+852) 2376-3330

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Only 18 seats available per session so you get more personal attention.

Reference Package

You also receive a Course Reference Kit to take away for future reference. (Value of $200.00)

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11-13 October 2017


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6-8 November 2017

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Royal Garden Hotel

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