For Senior and Advanced Compliance Professionals…

Certified Master Corporate Compliance Specialist (CMCCS)™ Training Course

Some of the greatest organizational challenges of the Twenty First Century are related to corporate governance, compliance and risk management


Increasing stakeholder demands for transparency are intensified by growing public scrutiny resulting from a range of catastrophic compliance failures from around the globe.

The Certified Master Corporate Compliance Specialist (CMCCS) training builds on your previous training in compliance to take your compliance and risk management knowledge to a new level, integrating an overview of complex case studies and enhanced technological solutions with a deeper exploration in the underpinnings of compliance management and how to most effectively and appropriately develop an organization-wide culture of compliance.

More than an add-on, the CMCCS program is a masterclass in compliance and risk management.

This program is designed to alter behavior and support the development of a culture of integrity and compliance within individual participants that can then be transferred to permeate your organization.

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I love this class. Everything was perfect...I'll recommend this class for every compliance manager I know.
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Disponible en Français

Also available in French. Ce cours est également disponible en français.

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Imagine This…

…after taking the CMCCS training, your life looks like this:

  • Design and implement better Corporate Governance
  • Improved Compliance Management
  • Achieving Compliance Financing and Budgeting – the objectives of a zero cost department
  • You have better regulatory intelligence – understanding the complex array of international regulations governing IT and data security
  • You know how to mitigate operational and enterprise risks through Enterprise Content Management
  • You have better understanding about new technologies and employee risk exposure –identifying areas and behaviors that increase corporate risk exposure
  • You know how to handle Reputation Risk Management – partnering with marketing to enhance value
  • Fulfill continuing compliance training requirements
  • Have a better understanding of Compliance implications for emerging technologies – Cloud and VoIP applications
  • Gaining better Compliance function ramifications for IT, Marketing, Human Resources and C-level
  • You’re now armed with strategies for ensuring compliance with regard to emerging technologies – their selection and implementation
  • You know how to optimize compliance management by determining roles and tasks within the compliance platform
  • You know how to track and document updates in compliance and risk training content in response to regulatory changes and developments in the corporate environment
  • You know how to create an audit trail for regulatory compliance and reporting as an integral part of a responsive compliance and risk management program

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Why Ethan Hathaway?

There are LOTS of training providers in the market, so why choose Ethan Hathaway?

Ethan Hathaway has established itself as a reputable training partner for over a decade to top companies all over the world.

Our philosophy is to make YOU as valuable as can be both in your career and your employer.

Ethan Hathaway is also a British Accreditation Council (BAC) accredited international Centre.

To become BAC accredited, we undergo a rigorous inspection and assessment to show our devotion and commitment to ensuring we provide YOU with a quality training result.

Not many other training providers can say they have gone through this process or commitment.

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  • Who should enroll
  • Reviews

Master Corporate Compliance Course Agenda Highlights

Day One: Compliance Training Platforms

  • Overview of the role of compliance training as a tool for creating employee engagement
  • Elements for successful compliance training programs
  • Compliance training investment drivers
  • Financing compliance training
  • Designing engagement infrastructure
  • Evaluating employee engagement
  • Using technology for integrated compliance program execution

Day Two: Compliance and Marketing

  • Bringing compliance and marketing together to enhance reputation management
  • Tools for reputation management
  • Customer concerns and risk
  • Corporate social responsibility and compliance
  • Brand resilience and reputation risk
  • Reputation risk and the web

Day Three: Compliance and IT

  • Compliance, IT and cloud applications
  • Compliance considerations in selecting cloud technologies
  • Big data security implications
  • Current issues in compliance and technological change
  • Private vs, public cloud: the make vs. buy decision
  • Issues in cloud security
  • Optimizing cloud performance
  • Governance, risk management and compliance in the cloud

Day Four: Compliance, Governance and Security

  • Compliance and information governance
  • Process, roles controls and metrics in assessing digital threats
  • Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) requirements
  • Designing effective information governance plans
  • Compliance strategies for inbound data
  • Business record management and data currency
  • Creating effective performance records
  • The evolution of standards-based governance
  • Data management, wealth creation and customer trust
  • Digital information governance
  • Compliance and mobile data security

OPTIONAL: Certification ExamYou must pass the certification exam in order to receive the additional Certified Master Corporate Compliance Specialist (CMCCS)™ designation & certificate.You will still receive a certificate of completion (Master Corporate Compliance Course) for the course whether you complete the exam or not.

***Download the course information booklet for the FULL details of what’s covered.***

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What You Get with the Live Course

Expert Coaching

You get full days of expert coaching and get answers to your specific questions valued at $24,000.00

Reference Pack

Course notes, slide decks and resources for your future reference.
(value of $200.00)

Meet Your Peers

Meet other professionals from around the world in an intimate setting so you can make REAL connections unlike that of a large-scale event (value $$495.00)

Limited to 25 Seats Only

Most courses pack in as many people as possible (how many have you seen actually tell you the exact number seats are available?), but ours is strictly limited to a maximum of 25 people – so you get high-level & personalised attention

Private Discussion Group

You’ll be invited to join our private members-only professional group on LinkedIn (value $479.64)

Certificate of Completion

After completing the training, you receive a gold-embossed Ethan Hathaway certificate of completion to mark your achievement.

If you successfully complete the Certification Exam, you also receive:


Digital CMCCS™ Badge

This digital badge designates you as a Certified Master Corporate Compliance Specialist (CMCCS)™, which you may use on business cards, resumes, LinkedIn profiles, website profiles, email signatures and more.

To continue using your badge, you must renew your membership certification each year.


In addition to the Certificate of Completion for the course in general, if you successfully pass the Certification exam, you also receive a CMCCS™ Certificate to mark your achievement.

EH Brain Trust Membership Access

As part of your successful certification, you also receive a full year's access to the EH Brain Trust Membership to help you keep up-to-date on the industry issues.

You receive free access as long as you renew your membership fee and CMCCS™ status.

Members Only Discounts

In order to keep your status as a CCCS™ in good standing, you need to regularly take Continuing Professional Development courses.

You will be eligible for members only discounts for Ethan Hathaway events and courses to help keep up with your requirements.

Total Value You Receive From This Course Is $25,174.64

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Frequently Asked Questions

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View the detailed course content and the latest discount promotions:

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