Certified Operations Risk Specialist (CORS)™ - Level 1 Training Course

Certified Operations Risk Specialist (CORS)This training course gives you the knowledge and skills needed to review, benchmark and refine operational risk policies within your financial institution.

How to be Basel Compliant

This training gives you the foundation knowledge and skills needed to review, benchmark and refine operational risk policies within your financial institution according to the Basel standards.

Understanding the Impact of Operational Risk in Banks is a MUST

If you’re working in the Banking industry, then it’s an absolute must to understand the impact of operational risks for the role you have. It’s not just something that is taken care of by Operations, Audit and Compliance. 

Here’s what you come away with after this course:

  • Build a foundation in Operations Risk for the Banking industry
  • Get an over of Basel Accord standards
  • Understand what drives Risks
  • The role of risk appetite in operational risk management
  • Business continuity planning in the face of extreme events
  • How to model business processes
  • How to model operational risks

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I never imagined the great impact of the operational risk on the business as a whole before attending this course...I got a lot of ideas to implement in my department / bank.
Head of Internal Audit, Banco Nacional Ultramarino, Macau

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Course Agenda Highlights

  • Introduction
  • Dimension & Drivers of Risk Management
  • Reviewing the Risk Types
  • Risk & Capital
  • Implementation Considerations
  • A Practical Guide to Managing Operations Risk
  • Operational Risk Financing
  • The Black Swan
  • Operational Risk & Basel
  • Risk Management- A Hands On Approach
  • Principles of Risk Management
  • Implementation
  • What are the Operational Risks?
  • Methods and Models
  • Current Operations Risk Management Themes in Banking
  • Case Studies
  • Operational Risk Management & Basel Wrap Up
  • OPTIONAL: Certification ExamYou must pass the certification exam in order to receive the additional Certified Operations Risk Specialist-Level 1 (CORS) designation & certificate. You will still receive a downloadable-PDF certificate of completion for the course whether you complete the exam or not.

View the detailed course content and the latest discount promotions:

Have a question? Email us at: support@ethanhathaway.com or call us at: (+852) 2376-3330

Online / Distance Learning Course Available

This course is delivered via online distance learning. ALL Certified and Non-Certified Delegates get the following:

Video lessons

On-demand video lessons so you may watch at your own convenience.


Downloadable PDF notes & slide decks and resources for your future reference.

90-Days Access

You have access to the most updated course for 90-days

Anywhere Access

Access the course with any Internet-enabled device. No software or special requirements needed.

Get Answers

Our online distance learning course sessions include scheduled Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions where you can submit any questions specific to your situation or about anything in the course.

Q&A sessions are recorded for you to view at your leisure.

It's the closest you can get to getting personalised coaching.

Certificate of Completion

After completing the training, you receive a digital & printable Ethan Hathaway certificate of completion to mark your achievement.

If you successfully complete the Certification Exam, you also receive:

Certified Operations Risk Specialist (CORS)

Digital CORS Badge

This digital badge designates you as a Certified Operations Risk Specialist (CORS), which you may use on business cards, resumes, LinkedIn profiles, website profiles, email signatures and more.

To continue using your badge, you must renew your membership certification each year.

"CORS" Certificate

In addition to the Certificate of Completion for the course in general, if you successfully pass the Certification exam, you also receive a digital printable CORS Certificate to mark your achievement.

Compliance & Risk Intelligence Membership Access

As part of your successful certification, you also receive a full year's access to the Compliance & Risk Intelligence Membership to help you keep up-to-date on the industry issues.

You receive free access as long as you renew your membership fee and CORS status.​

Members Only Discounts

In order to keep your status as a CORS in good standing, you need to regularly take Continuing Professional Development courses.

You will be eligible for members only discounts for Ethan Hathaway events and courses to help keep up with your requirements.​

Choose the Program That's Right for You:


For individual/personal use.

  • ​17 Core Modules
  • 29 Video lessons
  • PDF Downloads
  • Instructor Q&A Webinars (90-days access)
  • Access anywhere
  • 90-Day Access
  • Certification Exam
  • Multiple-user access

USD 497


For individual/personal use.

  • ​17 Core Modules
  • 29 Video lessons
  • PDF Downloads
  • Instructor Q&A Webinars (90-days access)
  • Access anywhere
  • 90-Day Access
  • Certification Exam (includes 2 attempts)
  • If you successfully pass the certification exam:
  • A digital, printable Certificate of Completion
  • 12-month membership to Compliance & Risk Intelligence (Included in annual membership)
  • Displayable Badge (Included in annual membership)
  • Status as a Certified Operations Risk Specialist (CORS)-Level 1 (Included in annual membership)
  • Multi-User Access

For Corporate Plans (multi-user access), please contact us at: support@ethanhathaway.com

Why Ethan Hathaway?

There are LOTS of training providers in the market, so why choose Ethan Hathaway?

Ethan Hathaway has established itself as a reputable training partner for over a decade to top companies all over the world.

Our philosophy is to make YOU as valuable as can be both in your career and your employer.

Ethan Hathaway is also a British Accreditation Council (BAC) accredited international Centre. To become BAC accredited, we undergo a rigorous assessment to show our devotion and commitment to ensuring we provide YOU with a quality training result.

Not many other training providers can say they have gone through this process or commitment.

Ethan Hathaway

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many attempts do I get for the exam?

A: Your fee includes 2 attempts at the exam. The highest score will be your final result.

Q: Is there a time limit for the exam?

A: Yes, the exam must be completed within 90 minutes of starting the exam.

Q: What is the required grade to pass the exam?

A: You must achieve a grade score of 80% or higher to become certified.

Q: How difficult is the exam?

A: The exam is in multiple-choice format and is meant to verify you have learned and understood the objectives of the course.

We have made the exam challenging in order to ensure a high degree of standard for certification.

Q: Do I have to take the exam?

A: No, the Certification exam is optional and you may take the course without taking the certification exam.

Please note, by not taking the certification exam, you are not eligible for a badge, membership, nor the CORS designation.

Q: What are the system requirements?

  • A PC or a MAC computer (Compatible with an Windows or Mac O/S computer)
  • Works on iPad and iPhone
  • Web Browser Software such as the latest Firefox or Internet Explorer or Safari or Chrome
  • Intenet connection (It is highly recommended that you have a high-speed Internet connection such as broadband/DSL)
  • Computer Speakers or headphones (for courses that include audio and video)

Q: How do I take the exam?

A: The certification exam is delivered online.

Q: Am I guaranteed employment if I become Certified?

A: No. There is no certification, qualification or training course that can guarantee employment.

While we hope this certification can help you get a leg up on competition, it is no guarantee of future employment.

Q: Am I guaranteed to pass the exam?

A: No. There is no guarantee you will pass the exam.

The certification exam is an unbiased exam meant to objectively evaluate a potential delegate's learning.

Q: Can I get a refund for the online course?

A: No, we do not issue refunds on online courses nor the certification exams.

If we find you have a valid reason to ask for credit, we are happy to offer you credit towards future products/services at our discretion.

Q: Are scholarships available?

A: Currently we do not offer any scholarships. 

Under certain circumstances, we may offer a payment plan for eligible individuals.

Q: Is this Certification internationally recognized?

A: Recognition is a subjective-thing. However, Ethan Hathaway is a globally recognized training provider to multinational companies and government agencies.

We also work with industry experts and professionals on our Board of Advisors to ensure the courses are relevant for the current market.

Become a Certified Operations Risk Specialist Today!

Certified Operations Risk Specialist (CORS)

Available for In-House Training

There are currently no scheduled public sessions for this training, however, it is available as an in-house training.

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Accredited By

BAC AccreditedEthan Hathaway is accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education as an International Centre.

Become a Certified Operations Risk Specialist Today!

Certified Operations Risk Specialist (CORS)
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