The A-Z of ISDA® Agreements: Understanding ISDA® Agreements Training Course

This programme gives you a comprehensive understanding of the ISDA® agreements.

The International Swaps & Derivatives Association (ISDA®) has long played a pivotal role in global over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives markets and has been a major driver of market development through the promulgation of best practice as well as its principal role in providing standardised documentation which has enabled market participants to effectively manage counterparty and other risks associated with non-exchange based transactions.

This training builds from a deep understanding of the purpose and mechanics of the key derivatives types that ISDA® covers including the major swap types such as interest rate swaps, Credit Default Swaps (CDS), and currency and commodity swaps as well as other instruments such as Forward Rate Agreements (FRA) and interest rate caps, collars and floors.

The key ISDA® documents are covered in detail: the ISDA® Master Agreement, the Schedule to the Master Agreement and the Credit Support Annex (CSA).  The course gives you a deep understanding of the key terms in the document and how they relate to specific instruments.

The programme also covers the actions that can be taken and the remedies available in the event of a breach of the agreement, e.g. a failure to pay as well as the ramifications of basing agreements in New York Law versus English law.

Imagine this…

  • You have a deep understanding of the machinations of physical and derivative commodities markets
  • You understand the impact of macro factors on specific markets including the key players and marketplaces in each type of commodity and their roles in determining short, medium and longer term supply and demand conditions
  • You have practical knowledge and skills to take advantage of opportunities in the market, as well as developing effective longer term strategies for stabilising your firms’ earnings and reducing risk.

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I have positive general impression all round from day one to the end.It (the course) exposed me to many unknown facts about best practice globally. Fullfilled and satisfied with all the modules.

Central Securities Clearing System

  • Agenda highlights
  • Who should attend
  • Reviews
  • The critical role of ISDA® in global financial markets
  • Counterparty risk management in the post-Lehman world
  • OTC Derivatives covered by ISDA® I: structure & economic purpose
  • OTC Derivatives covered by ISDA® II: mechanics & cash flow dynamics
  • Key concepts in ISDA® agreements
  • The ISDA® Master Agreement
  • Schedule to the Master Agreement
  • Credit Support Annex
  • Key considerations in ISDA® documentation negotiation
  • Legal jurisdiction & regulatory regime considerations
  • What happens when the transaction fails?
  • Recent developments – the move toward central clearing of OTC derivatives

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*ISDA® is a registered trademark of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc.

**This course is in no way endorsed by the ISDA®

View the detailed course content and the latest discount promotions:

Have a question? Email us at: [email protected] or visit the help center.

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