Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Masterclass Training Course

This training course teaches you how to leverage service level agreements (sla’s) to drive performance in your business.

Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) Course Benefits

  • Aligning your SLAs with the objectives of the business
  • Defining the roles of the various management
  • Encompassing KPI’s into your SLA documents
  • Determining   whether the deliverables of the SLA can be linked to your KPI’S
  • Measuring SLA performance
  • Dealing effectively with non-performance
  • Highlighting the basis to reward good performance with service credits
  • Managing changing requirements for streamlined management
  • Benchmarking services and establishing world class standards
  • Pinpointing the basis for price increase/decrease
  • Strengthening the management of the transition of services when terminating an SLA

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Great...Ethan Hathaway's presentations and the materials are excellent and it is the best seminar I have attended.
Dealer, Bank BJB, Indonesia

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SLA Masterclass Training Course Agenda Highlights

In-Person Training Highlights (*note: there are slight differences between the in-person and online course content):

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for Internal Business Services
  • Outlining the Level of Services Using Tools such as: Service Forecasting and Scenario Testing
  • Service Level Agreements to shared services SLAs– Supporting Mission & Strategy Achievement
  • Service Level Agreement Projects
  • How to Perfect your SLA Using Enhanced SLA Modelling
  • Key Measurements and Activity Based Service Level Agreements
    • Finance & Accounting
    • HR
    • Procurement
    • Facilities / Premises Management
    • Service Desks, Call Centres and Contact Centres
    • Logistics
    • Legal Services Case Studies

***For in-person training session, we can cover your own internal service, where the trainer will try to provide relevant performance metrics.

  • How to Develop & Structure Your SLA
  • Costing services
  • Case Study Exercise
  • How SLA Best Practices May Differ in Various Geographies

Online Self-Study Course Highlights:

  • Defining service-level agreements (SLA's)
  • 5 Benefits of SLA's
  • What SLA's should and shouldn't be
  • The SLA Framework
  • Different SLA's for Different Situations
  • How to Create an SLA: We share the 8 steps to creating your own SLA's
  • Exclusions and Checklists for your SLA's
  • Automated SLA's
  • A Look at the Supplier Perspective in an SLA
  • SLA Metrics: How to Measure SLA Performance
  • Common Mistakes in Developing & Implementing SLA's
  • SLA KPI's: Including what's the difference between SLA Metrics and KPI's
  • How to Use Balanced Scorecards
  • SLA example: Cloud computing case study
  • Bonus SLA resources

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Online / Distance Learning Course Available

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