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Ultimate Sales Alchemy System™

Are You Tired Of This…

  • Demotivated and lack of confidence in sales performance…does it feel like you’ve thrown everything you can think of at the wall to see what works but still not getting the results you need?
  • Do you wonder if you should even be selling at all?
  • Wasting time in front of poor quality prospects…do you feel like your time is being wasted trying to sell to prospects who aren’t the prospects you should be going after in the first place? Do you feel frustrated and lost as to where to find the RIGHT prospects?
  • Doing so much work on a deal only to lose to the lowest-priced bidder…do you get that dejected and empty feeling in your stomach when you know that all the work and time you put into a deal but it STILL comes down to selecting the lowest-price competitor?
  • Worrying about your job security because you’re having a hard time meeting sales targets…do you dread the feeling of having an unstable income or job security because you fear the moment you miss your sales targets you have to make that slow journey home to tell your spouse or partner you’ve got to look for another job and you don’t know whether you’ll make that next mortgage or rental payment?

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I Know EXACTLY How It Feels…

…I’ve been through the same highs and lows, frustrations, elation and highs from selling.

And it’s why I sat down and distilled everything I’ve learned so far as well as what I learned from other successful sales people I’ve had the privilege to work with to fight all of these frustrations.

But one thing I knew was I wanted to develop something that didn’t make me feel sleazy or cheesy.

I wanted something my own internal sales staff could follow.

So, I developed what I call The Ultimate Sales Alchemy System™…it includes over 18+ years of sales experience distilled into an organized program so you don’t waste time making the same mistakes.

The entire sales life cycle is laid out for you, including scripts and templates you can literally copy and paste.

I’m giving you the key to the ENTIRE sales puzzle, not just a few pieces.

If there’s anything new or any new changes we discover that works better, you’ll get access to the latest strategies that are working.

Not only that, but you’ll have a support group to hold your hand each step of the way.

Imagine This…

Sales person YES!You no longer stress or fear where your next sale is coming from…

…You show up to work exuding confidence because you have a whole network of support to help you overcome ANY sales obstacle…

…You and your sales team feel confident and motivated even when the market around you is falling apart and everyone else is stressing out and fighting over customers…

…You no longer fear or suffer from the frustration of competing with the lowest-priced competitor…

…You easily generate referrals without feeling bad about begging for a referral…

…You have a proven system to grow your sales so you can meet your sales targets

The Ultimate Sales Alchemy System™ helps you eliminate the frustrations and pain in selling…

  • Give you and your sales team an injection of confidence and motivation
  • Gain a clear picture of who your BEST prospects are, where and HOW to find more of them
  • Discover how to turn more prospects into customers
  • Finally, stop playing the “lowest-price” wins game and have clients pay the price you SHOULD be getting
  • I’ll give you the simple trick to grow your sales exponentially
  • Much, much, more

444% Increase In Sales…

Does it work? Here’s a recent screenshot from our Sales CRM system…

Sales Increase Proof

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Why Ethan Hathaway?

There are LOTS of training providers in the market, so why choose Ethan Hathaway?

Ethan Hathaway has established itself as a reputable training partner for over a decade to top companies all over the world.

Our philosophy is to make YOU as valuable as can be both in your career and your employer.

Ethan Hathaway is also a British Accreditation Council (BAC) accredited international Centre.

To become BAC accredited, we undergo a rigorous inspection and assessment to show our devotion and commitment to ensuring we provide YOU with a quality training result.

Not many other training providers can say they have gone through this process or commitment.

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Accredited By

BAC AccreditationEthan Hathaway is accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education as an International Centre.

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The Ultimate Sales Alchemy System™ Course Highlights

Module 1: The Mindset Alchemy System™
By far, the most disabling element stopping sales professionals is your mindset is off-track. ANYONE, can sell – in this module I share with you ways to shift your mindset to one that gets you fired up.

Without the right mindset, having all the sales tactics and strategies don’t matter. You need to get this right first.

Module 2: The Customer Avatar Alchemy System™
In this module, I’ll show you how to dig DEEP to know your ideal customer profile (avatar). I see so many sales people skip this step because you THINK you know your customer profile well. In most cases, it doesn’t go deep enough.

Module 3: The Prospecting Alchemy System™
Sales prospecting can be excruciatingly painful but it doesn’t have to be.

Module 4: The Conversion Alchemy System™
In this module, I show you system I use how to turn prospects into customers

Module 5: The Profit Maximization Alchemy System™
In this module, I show you how to make more profit.

Module 6: The Growth Alchemy System™
The simple strategy to grow your sales exponentially.

***Download the course information booklet for the FULL details of what’s covered.***

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Your Chief Sales Alchemist:

Chief Sales AlchemistMy name is Vincent and I’m our company’s Chief Sales Alchemist. I’ve been doing sales and marketing for the last 18+ years.

I’ve worked for small private companies and large listed companies and the frustrations you experience in sales are the same across the board.

I’ve sold products and services without having to do face-to-face meetings in over 90%+ of the deals I’ve worked on.

I’ve sold to clients who are Fortune 500 companies, Multinational Banks, Big Oil Companies, Central Banks, Government Agencies and more across five out of the seven continents in the world.

Now, I’m a self-confessed introvert.

I’m NOT an outspoken, extroverted or even charming person…I’m someone you can easily not notice in a room full of people…

… I hate the style of selling that leaves your client feeling like they got bullied and manipulated into buying, or…

…the type of sales style that is loud, brash and aggressive…where sales DO NOT equate to how loud you talk…

…In fact, I’m probably the LAST person you would expect to be in the Sales and Marketing field.

But, I absolutely LOVE Sales and Marketing…it is my PASSION.

When I work on a deal or transaction, it’s like a turning on a light switch…click…and I’m another person.

I’ve had to privilege to work with some pretty awesome performing sales pro’s in my career and my own results aren’t too shabby and one thing I am VERY good at is observing, distilling and emulating others.

And that one thing is they all follow a proven system…which led me develop my OWN sales system that works.

What You Get with this Training

This course is delivered via online learning.

Expert Coaching

You get 8 weeks of expert coaching and get answers to your specific questions valued at $24,000.00

Sales Alchemy Toolkit

Scripts and templates you can literally "copy and paste" to use in your own business.

So you don't have to reinvent the wheel and get going quickly and easily. (Value of $497.00).

Ultimate Sales Alchemy System course

All 6 Training Modules

You will have access to all six modules of the Ultimate Sales Alchemy System training library.

Includes online video lessons so you may watch in your own home or on the go.


Downloadable PDF notes & slide decks and resources for your future reference.

Unlimited Access

You have unlimited access to the core course lessons. (*Instructor coaching access is limited to your selected duration).

Anywhere Access

Access the course with any Internet-enabled device. No software or special requirements needed.

Get Answers

Our online distance learning course sessions include scheduled Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions where you can submit any questions specific to your situation or about anything in the course.

Q&A sessions are recorded for you to view at your leisure.

It's the closest you can get to getting personalised coaching.

Certificate of Completion

After completing the training, you receive a digital & printable Ethan Hathaway certificate of completion to mark your achievement.

Private Discussion Group

You’ll be invited to join our private members-only professional group on LinkedIn (value $479.64)

Audio Files

Access to audio files of each lesson so you can listen while you're on the go.

Ultimate Sales Alchemy System Digital Badge

Digital Badge of Completion

After completing the training, you also receive a digital badge which you can share and display on your online and social profiles.

BONUS: LinkedIn Power User Training

How to leverage the power of LinkedIn to sell.

So you can leverage the largest professional social media site to generate continuous leads and sales.(Value of $99.00)

For Corporate Plans (multi-user access), please contact us at: support@ethanhathaway.com

Total Value You Receive From This Course Is $25,471.64

Your Investment Is...

We could charge $10,000 and it would still be of value because think of all the financial returns you gain from knowing how to manage your business operations like a well-oiled machine.

But you won’t need to invest anywhere near this amount…

…the investment is only $1296.

You get at least $25,471.64 of value for just $1296.

At the regular fee, it comes to just $3.55 per day…the price of a daily coffee!

BUT I like to reward people who take action fast.

So, if you book AND pay for your seat before the Super Early Bird deadline, I’m slashing the fee by over 60% so your investment is just $499 – you save $797.00! That’s only $1.37 per day – I’m sure you spend more than that on other items that don’t have anywhere near the same return on investment.


For individual/personal use.

  • 6 Core Training Modules
  • Downloads & Resources
  • Access anywhere
  • Self-Study
  • Unlimited Access
  • Instructor Q&A
  • Multiple-user access

USD 499


For individual/personal use.

  • 6 Core Training Modules
  • Downloads & Resources
  • Access anywhere
  • Self-Study
  • Unlimited Access
  • Instructor Q&A
  • Multiple-user access

USD 999

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For Corporate Plans (multi-user access), please contact us at: support@ethanhathaway.com