Personalised Help to Take Your Business To The Next Level

If you have sensitive and confidential business issues you need help tackling, Ethan Hathaway’s Coaching & Consulting service is for you.

How We Can Help You

Below you’ll find the specialty areas we can help you with:

Enterprise Sales & Marketing

Our expert is the single, leading authority on remote B2B sales & marketing.

Corporate Compliance

Our panel of experts are leading authorities in areas such as:

  • Basel compliance
  • Corporate compliance issues
  • Dodd Frank
  • More

Financial Risks

Need help with your financial risk management? Our experts can help you with your financial management strategy.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our M&A expert is one of the leading experts in Asian M&A with over 20 years experience in both buy and sell side.

Leadership & Management

Our Leadership & Management experts have worked with Senior Executives from a wide range of industries and geographies.

Operational Risks

Enterprise risk management is a hot topic these days and our experts are able to help you with your risk management frameworks design and implementation.

How It Works


We only take on ONE client per industry per specialist area. 


We don’t want to be competing with ourselves. So when you hire us as a coach & consultant, we are dedicated to you entirely for your specific sector.​


We’re happy to sign any non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) and provide complete discretion and confidentiality with our clients.

By Application Only

We want to ensure there is a right fit for the both of us, so each potential Coaching/Consulting client will complete an application before being accepted as a client.


We have a results-based philosophy and focus on working with you to set clear results-based objectives.

Weekly 30-Minute Calls

Each week, you focus on specific issues and objectives with your coach.

Private Client Access

You get access to a Private-Client member’s area for additional resources.

Apply Here

Our Coaching & Consulting services are by application only.

If you’d like to work with one of our Coaches & Consultants, please apply below to setup an assessment call.

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