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Ethan Hathaway’s business & financial information products and training courses help you keep up with the latest regulations, compliance issues, financial management, risk management, and more.

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  • Telecoms
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Leadership & Management
  • Much, much more

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  • Reading Time: 1 minuteI have a huge disdain for meetings (both in-person and zoom). I understand there can be a need for meetings in specific circumstances, but most situations don’t really call for a meeting. See what happened at Zapier, a fully-remote company even pre-COVID), when they cancelled all meetings for a week.
  • Reading Time: 1 minuteAs we all adjust to a world where working remotely / working from home is a normal thing, managers might still suffer from what’s now called “Productivity Paranoia”. You know, where you’re stressing out and worried if your team is actually doing work at home or they’re bingeing on the latest Bridgerton […]
  • Reading Time: 1 minuteCredit Suisse is laying off staff. Meta (Facebook) is laying off staff. Twitter is laying off staff. Hootsuite is laying off more staff. Job security doesn’t exist in the modern era, and more and more people are embracing a gig economy. We’ve got something in the works just for professionals like you […]

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