Generate Additional Streams of Income by Partnering with a Proven International Brand

Benefits of Partnering with Ethan Hathaway

We want to ensure the working relationship between Ethan Hathaway and our Partners is always a mutually beneficial one, here are some good reasons to work with us:

An added source of revenue for you

Adding our established portfolio of training courses will help you quickly increase your product and service offerings to your clients thus enabling you to increase your revenue.

Experienced and Tested Marketing Strategies

If you are an approved affiliate you’ll also get to tap into your experience and knowledge in marketing and promoting your training programmes.

Economies of Scale

Multiple heads are always better than one. Working together to result in synergistic results for mutual parties.

Globally Recognised and Trusted Brand

Ethan Hathaway has built up a globally trusted brand name for over 1​5 years.

Partner Portal

Approved Partners have access to our Partner Portal where you'll have access to sales resources and more.

Partner Support

Our goal is to help you as a partner succeed. We'll be like your extended sales & marketing team but without the large overhead and costs.

What Do We Look for In a Partner?

We are very selective about who we partner with, so all potential Sales Affiliates and Partners must apply first and go through our selection process. We manually review each application.

Ideally, we enjoy working with partners who:

  • Have relevant contacts and networks within your country and/or region
  • A desire to provide quality client care
  • A reputation for delivering quality products, services and customer care
  • References (both client and partner side if possible)

​Partner Program Details

  • FREE to join
  • ​10% commission on all relevant sales
  • 60-day window - you earn commissions if ​someone you refer ​purchases within 60-days
  • Payouts via Paypal or Payoneer or Transferwise (Please check if you are able to use either of these ​payment providers in your location).

Apply Below

Tell Us About Your Business

Please provide as much details as you can. The more details you share, the higher the chance you'll get approved.

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