Generate Additional Streams of Income by Partnering with a Proven International Brand

Benefits of Partnering with Ethan Hathaway

We want to ensure the working relationship between Ethan Hathaway and our Partners is always a mutually beneficial one, here are some good reasons to work with us:

An added source of revenue for you

Adding our established portfolio of training courses will help you quickly increase your product and service offerings to your clients thus enabling you to increase your revenue.

Experienced and Tested Marketing Strategies

If you are an approved affiliate you’ll also get to tap into your experience and knowledge in marketing and promoting your training programmes.

Economies of Scale

Multiple heads are always better than one. Working together to result in synergistic results for mutual parties.

Globally Recognised and Trusted Brand

Ethan Hathaway has built up a globally trusted brand name for over 13 years.

Partner Portal

Approved Partners have access to our Partner Portal where you'll have access to sales resources, unique tracking links, reports for your referrals and sales and more.

Partner Support

Our goal is to help you as a partner succeed. We'll be like your extended sales & marketing team but without the large overhead and costs.

What Do We Look for In a Partner?

We are very selective about who we partner with, so all potential Sales Affiliates and Partners must apply first and go through our selection process. We manually review each application.

Ideally, we enjoy working with partners who:

  • Have relevant contacts and networks within your country and/or region
  • A desire to provide quality client care
  • A reputation for delivering quality products, services and customer care
  • References (both client and partner side if possible)

This is how much it would cost you to start up yourself...

If you hired a marketer or agency to perform marketing campaigns for you, you would need to look at a minimum of US$2,000.00 per month plus another US$200-400 per month in advertising costs alone.

How about hiring developers to create, produce and serve online courses? That could run up to tens of thousands of dollars.

But with the EH Certified Partnership, you don't have to invest anywhere close to that amount and you get to leverage our two decades worth of experience in selling/marketing training courses around the world.

Pick Your Partnership

Sales Affiliate


Best for businesses that have lists/databases of relevant contacts who are interested in professional training and courses.

  • Earn 10% commission on paid sales referrals
  • You use your unique referral links to send visitors to us, any sales that arise from your referral within the eligible period (60 day cookie), you earn a commission.* (commissions are only paid on amount received and only after an event is completed, for event referrals)
  • 60 Day Cookie
  • FREE to join
  • Paid via Paypal or Payoneer
Certified EH Partner

USD 499


Best for training businesses, consultants, businesses who want to add professional training courses to your income streams.

  • Certified EH Partner Directory Listing
  • Certified EH Partner digital badge to put on your website, marketing materials
  • Training leads - tap into our global marketing reach
  • Partner resources to build your training revenue (e.g. checklists, templates & more)
  • Exclusive Partner Resource Portal
  • Access EH Approved Instructors
  • Can't find a suitable Instructor? We'll source one for you and ensure they meet EH approved Instructor criteria. 
  • Need help working on an in-house training deal? We can assist/coach you on winning the deal
  • Your eligible training events listed on our site (in addition to Directory listing)
  • Email campaigns to our internal database to help promote your events
  • Resell access to our library of online courses for added income streams

Why the EH Certified Partner Program?


Certified Partner Directory Listing
Get more exposure, leads & clients being listed in our approved certified partner directory.

Lead Attraction Resources
Only Certified Partners get access to free resources to attract leads.

Marketing Resources
Only Certified Partners get access to marketing collateral.


Expand Your Service Offerings
Have more complementary services to sell to your existing clients or convert more opportunities with new clients with expanded service offerings.

Leverage a Worldwide Recognised Brand
You gain credibility by associating with a globally recognised brand.

Leverage Our Marketing Expertise & Experience
We act as an additional marketing channel to send you leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there any geographic exclusivity to being a certified partner?

A. The EH Certified Partner Programme currently does not include any "geographic exclusivity".

There are a LOT of cities and countries that need good training so we believe there is room in the market for good quality providers.

Our mission is to help train and equip as many people around the world with valuable skills, and this is the best way we could think of.

Q. What kind of businesses are suitable to become an EH Certified Partner?

A. Your business should already have an existing clientele you serve and you want to be able to sell more services to your existing and potential new clients.

By becoming an EH Certified Partner, you immediately expand your service offerings.

Q. What is the process to become an EH Certified Partner?

A. First, submit your online application. There are no fees to apply, only if you are accepted into the programme.

Once we've received your application, our Certified Partner Relations Director will get in touch with you to discuss your suitability.

All EH Certified Partners are required to sign and uphold quality standards. If for whatever reasons a Partner falls below these acceptable standards, we'll work with you to get you up to the right level, but if it looks like the Partner can't maintain a specific level of standard, we reserve the right to terminate the partnership.

Q. Are there any limits to how many certified partners you'll allow?

A. There are currently no plans to limit the number of certified partners in the programme.

Q. Can I apply to be a Certified Partner and/or Affiliate from the Country I reside in?

A. Absolutely! Ethan Hathaway has a global audience and wouldn't have it any other way. You just need to ensure where you live allows you to setup either a Paypal or Payoneer account to receive payments (both are free to setup and available in many countries).

Unfortunately, if you are not eligible to setup an account then we may not be able to sign you on.

Q. Is there any guarantee I will get a return on my investment as a Certified Partner?

A. No, there are no guarantees for your investment. All businesses are different and we can't control how you manage and run your business.

However, as a Certified Partner, we provide you the tools and help to increase your chances of success as much as possible but there's just no way to guarantee anyone's success since it's really up to you.

We want you to succeed and it's in our own interest to ensure our Partners achieve success too.

The current Certified Partner fees are very nominal (you wouldn't be able to hire a full-time marketer for your business at the same fee), but that's exactly what we'll be helping you in generating leads as part of the programme, so you are getting tremendous value.

If you work it out, the monthly fee is equivalent to a nice daily dinner.

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