How to Increase and Maintain Profitability Through Up-to-Date and Practical Asset & Liability Management Techniques and Strategies

Asset & Liability Management and Capital Adequacy Planning Training Course

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This Asset & Liability Management training course teaches you how to effectively manage your ALM function, balance sheet and profitability for your organization.

  • Self-Study Online: Approx. 4 hrs of video lessons
  • Beginner to Intermediate Level
  • Flexible schedule. Complete at your own pace.
  • Taught in English
  • Optional In-Person Format: 3 days

Regular online course fee: USD 297.00

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Self-Study Online
Online Cohort-based with Instructor
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Key Benefits of This Asset & Liability Management Course

Here are some key benefits from attending this Asset & Liability Management training course:

  • NEW: ALM Simulation Game which is performed on the final day of the course. You will apply the knowledge gained in the course to optimize a bank’s ALM situation. (*Not available in the online version)
  • Understand the dynamics of your balance sheet and how to use KPIs
  • Identify the key risk factors acting on your balance sheet and how they can be minimized
  • How all forms of financial exposure can be defined, measured, monitored and managed
  • Benchmark your current ALM practices and develop an action plan to bring your practices to the highest standard
  • Adopt effective cash flow management and Value at Risk (VAR) techniques
  • How to manage and hedge interest rate and liquidity exposures
  • Enhance your capital adequacy planning and balance sheet managementtechniques
  • Up-to-Date Techniques and Strategies
  • Regulatory Capital Rules
  • We give you a framework to assess/write your own internal ALM policy.
  • You’re given several practical ALM tools
  • Simple, Clear and Practical


Introduction to ALM & Challenges Today

  • What is ALM
  • ALCP and Country ALCO
  • Challenges for ALM Today

ALM Governance and Structure

  • ALM Governance
  • ALM Structure at Major Banks

Capital and Value Creation

  • Capital and Value Creation
  • Current Economic Environment

Managing Interest Rate Risks – Short Term Rates

  • Interest Rate Cycle and What Yield Curves Tell Us
  • LIBOR and Risks in Floating Rates
  • Building Block of Managing Interest Rate Risk: FRA’s

Financial Futures

  • Fundamentals of Short Term IR Futures
  • The New Derivatives Architecture

Bond Price/Yield, Duration

  • Bonds and Price/Yield Relationship
  • Calculating Bond Prices
  • Bond Duration and Convexity
  • Bond Portfolio Theory

Long-Term Derivatives-IRS

  • What is an interest-rate swap?
  • BIS OTC Derivatives Statistics
  • Managing Bond Price Risks with IRS
  • OIS

Long Dated Currency Swaps

  • Uses of Long Dated Currency Swaps
  • Liability Management and Long Dated Currency Swaps
  • Structuring the Swap to Match the Liability

Gapping and Gap Analysis

  • Net Interest Income and Market Value of Equity
  • Gap and NII
  • Gap Metrics and Limits
  • MVE

FX and Funding

  • FX Forward and Swap Terminology and Quotations
  • Pricing FX Forwards
  • Case Study: Generating USD Funding Through JPY Using FX Swaps

Funds Transfer Pricing

  • What is FTP?
  • Best Practices for FTP

Basel and the New Regulatory Landscape

  • The Role of Bank Capital
  • Regulat Capital – Basel III

Basel and Credit Risk

  • Credit Risk Weighting for RWA Under Basel
  • Credit Loss Modeling Fundamentals
  • Credit Spreads and Credit Default Swaps

Basel Market and Operational Risk

  • Market Risk and the Trading Book
  • Operational Risk and Proposed Changes in Basel

Basel New Liquidity and Leverage Measures

  • Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) and Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR)
  • Leverage Ratio
  • New Capital Instruments

Asset & Liability Management In-Person Course Highlights


  • Definition of ALM
  • ALM and Challenges Today
  • ALM Framework
  • ALM Structure at Major Banks – a sample
  • Capital and Value Creation
  • Indentifying Risks for ALM
  • Impact of the External Operating Environment on ALM


  • ALCO Function and Structure
  • Importance of Policies and Procedures
  • Role of Audit and Risk Management


  • How to interpret the yield curve
  • Managing Floating Rate Exposure
  • Exercises and Case Studies: Managing Interest Rate Risk with FRAs


  • Fixed Income Markets
  • Exercises and Case Studies: Duration, Bond Portfolio Analysis, and how to calculate VaR with a discussion of expected loss approach
  • Interest Rate Derivatives
  • Exercises and Case Studies: Hedging Interest Risk in Long Term Interest Rate Exposures, Asset Swaps


  • What is the ‘gap’?


  • Trading Book Assets and Liabilities
  • Investment Book Assets and Liabilities
  • Banking Book Assets and Liabilities
  • Hedge accounting for risk management derivative products
  • Earnings impact and accounting treatment


  • Valuation higherarchy
  • XVA – the valuation adjustments: CVA, DVA, FVA etc.


  • FX pricing and electronic markets
  • Forward FX markets and linkages to interest rates
  • Exercises and Case Studies: Sourcing alternative funding through the FX market


  • Credit Risk management and ALM
  • Market Risk and ALM
  • Operational Risk
  • The BIS Leverage Ratio        


  • Objectives of FTP
  • Setting up and managing an FTP system
  • Centralizing Treasury liquidity
  • Econometric modeling of Deposits
  • Structured Deposits
  • Exercises and Case Studies: Indeterminate Maturity deposits and FTP
  • New Liquidity and Leverage Regulations under Basel III
  • Exercises and Case Studies: Calculating the LCR
  • New Capital Instruments 


  • In the final section of the course, using all the knowledge gained over the preceding modules, you will work on a multi-dimensional ALM simulation case involving a bank facing challenges on all sorts of measures.
  • Working in teams, this simulation requires managing the balance sheet for such issues as EaR, ROE, LCR, NSFR and more in a fully integrated manner just as the ALCO and Treasurer of a bank would have to do.
  • *Calculators are required for the simulation.
  • **ALM Simulation is NOT included in the online distance learning version
Asset & Liability Management training

Regular course fee: USD 297.00

ALM Leads (AC)

Have a question? Email us at: or visit the help center.

Who Should Attend / Who Will Benefit

  • Investment professionals
  • Treasury professionals
  • Balance sheet and capital managers
  • Asset and liability managers and analysts
  • Risk managers and portfolio managers
  • Treasury middle office and operations personnel
  • Liquidity funding managers
  • Treasury auditors
  • Financial controllers, accountants and analysts
  • Investment bankers
  • Regulatory and compliance personnel

Reviews – What People Say

“This was a comprehensive and very useful course on the subject, made even more interesting by the references to real situations.

I did not expect to understand so much! Credit goes to the presenter! Overall the course exceeded my expectations as there was also an emphasis on increasing and maintaining profitability.” – S.M., Senior Director-Financial Institutions Group, American Express Bank, Germany

“Good examples, clear presentation – Suhnylla appears very knowledgeable and can offer prior experience, very passionate about the subject matter. Infectious!” – O.R., Khazanah Nasional Bhd, Malaysia

“Speaker is very well-versed in the topic and is able to bring the banking side of the biz and relate to the corporate side.” – N.K., BOC Aviation, Singapore

“What I liked most about this training course was the knowledge of the instructor.” – A.A., Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

“It cleared a lot of issues pertaining to the company’s ALM.” – A.K., Qipco, Qatar

“It is a very good course…” – G.M., Financial Controller, HSBC Bank, Oman

“The contents were very useful…” – A.S., AGM-Development Banking, Seylan Bank, Sri Lanka

“Interesting. Able to link the financial material on paper with what the world around is doing. Especially on why crisis happen.” – T.M.H., UOB Bank, Singapore

“I found the speaker to be very knowledgeable and credible, with a lot of experience in the subject that can be shared to the audience.” – S.A., PT Indonesia Infrastructure Finance

“Speaker adjusted content and pace of the course to suit/match participants interest and knowledge level. Lots of “real life” examples…What I liked most about this training was: the ability of the speaker to relate back to the real life situations faced by the participants; Speaker’s ability to explain abstract concepts in ‘everyday language.'” – D.S., CEO, RBS

What You Receive

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Anywhere Access

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Digital Certificate

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Digital Certificate of Completion
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