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Certified Procurement & Purchasing Specialist (CPPS)™ Training Course

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Certified Procurement & Purchasing Specialist (CPPS)™ Badge
  • Self-Study Online Course: Approx. 5 hours of lessons
  • Certification Exam: Online, multiple-choice, get your results immediately
  • Beginner Level
  • Flexible schedule, go at your own pace.
  • Taught in English.

Regular course fee: USD 297.00

CPPS Leads (AC)

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Available as:

Self-Study Online
Online Cohort-based (Live Virtual Sessions) with Instructor
In-House Customised/Bespoke

Ready to Enrol?

When you finish this training for international Procurement professionals, you’ll have a proven blueprint for

How to Reduce Costs AND Add Value In Your Business Through Improved Procurement Processes

…No matter what industry you’re in

Do you face these Procurement problems?

  • You perform procurement & purchasing job functions but don’t have any formal training in Procurement (basically learning on the job)?
  • You don’t have a “system” or proper “checklist” for evaluating potential suppliers?
  • You’re worried about trying to reduce costs yet damaging quality of product/service at the same time?
  • Why selecting the lowest-cost supplier ends up costing you MORE…
  • How do you manage your suppliers and know how they’re doing compared to other suppliers?
  • How do you manage supplier contracts so it’s clear what the supplier should be providing you?

These are just some of the problems you face on a daily basis…

Certified procurement class photo
Procurement pro’s learning the latest in Hong Kong (Pre-COVID)

Procurement Isn’t Just About Spending Money…

Savvy Procurement professionals understand that Procurement involves so much more than Googling for potential suppliers, asking them for a quotation and then selecting the lowest-priced quotation presented.

First, you have to have a Procurement Strategy.

Doing things like asking for quotations, negotiating terms and price with suppliers are just tactics. Without a proper Procurement Strategy, doing these things is meaningless.

Having a good Procurement Strategy gives you the reason WHY you are doing these things (tactics).

And the beautiful thing is you don’t have to start from zero, you see there’s a formula (or framework if you like) that you can follow to setup your own Procurement Strategy and system for your business without having to re-create everything from nothing.

You just need to have access to this formula and framework…

…and that’s exactly what you get with the Certified Procurement & Purchasing Specialist (CPPS)™ training.

Certified procurement group photo
Newly minted Procurement specialists in Singapore (Pre-COVID)

Regular course fee: USD 297.00

CPPS Leads (AC)

Have a question? Email us at: or visit the help center.

Imagine This…

You have a clear formula to follow when it comes to finding, evaluating and selecting suppliers.

You regularly have access to what is the latest strategies and tactics working in Procurement.

You perform your Procurement job function with absolute confidence knowing your skills and knowledge are backed by proven concepts and formula’s.

Now, your daily job looks like this:

  • You have a systematic process for working and performing the Procurement function in your company. With this training you’ll gain confidence in your job.
  • You now know how to coordinate multiple supply chains operating in parallel
  • You have a system/framework to effectively evaluate tenders & bids
  • You have access to the latest Procurement best practices and processes
  • Supplier selection & Management: How to reach optimum balance between costs and quality
  • How to ensure your suppliers don’t let you down and how to manage your supplier risks
  • How to find the right suppliers that specialise in your industry
  • You are able to increase your marketability and value by adding the CPPS™ designation so you can show current and potential employers how serious you are about the Procurement profession
  • If you’re working or performing Procurement and Purchasing functions but have no formal training, the CPPS™ gives you the necessary skills to feel confident in performing your job
  • You now know how to manage contracts from beginning to end while minimizing problems
  • How to juggle the problem of saving costs without sacrificing quality
  • Online distance learning available for those prefer to study at your own pace, enjoy learning independently
  • Enhance your existing degree with the CPPS Because specialization is what creates value. Who makes more? The General Medical Practitioner (GP) or the Brain Surgeon specialist? Become a CPPS™ specialist today.

Procurement & Purchasing Course Agenda Highlights

  • The Building Blocks for Effective Procurement
  • How to Benchmark and Baseline Your Procurement Function
  • How to Assess Your Supply Market
  • How to Craft Effective Bids and Tenders
  • How to Choose the Most Ideal Supplier for Your Company (Supplier Selection)
  • How to Move Forward with a Selected Supplier
  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) – How to Manage Your On-Going Supplier Relationships
  • OPTIONAL: Certification ExamYou must pass the certification exam (achieving 80% or higher on the exam) in order to receive the additional Certified Procurement & Purchasing Specialist (CPPS)™ designation & certificate. You will still receive a certificate of completion (Procurement & Purchasing Management Course) for the course whether you complete the exam or not.

***Download the course information booklet for the FULL details of what’s covered.***

Looking for an Advanced Procurement training? Check out the Certified Master Procurement & Purchasing Specialist CMPPS (formerly Certified Chief Procurement Officer-CCPO) training.

Regular course fee: USD 297.00

CPPS Leads (AC)

Have a question? Email us at: or visit the help center.

Why Get Certified?

If you’re an individual…

…this certification gives you a leg up on the competition.

Unlike any other Manager, you’ll have a certificate AND badge to prove your Procurement expertise from a source that is trusted by global businesses – which is what REALLY counts.

More importantly, it will make you a better Procurement Professional.

So, if you want to:

  • Move up the ladder in your career (or start/change careers)
  • Have something tangible to show your dedication in your own self-development
  • Add new skills to your toolset to leave your competition behind and step up the ladder in pay grade…

…this course and certification is for you.

If you’re a Chief Procurement Officer, Managing Director or CEO…

…there’s a chance you don’t need to get certified, but…

…your team should get certified.

Why certify your team? Here’s a few good reasons:

  • Improve your reputation as an employer for being a great place to work because you invest in your staff development
  • Have peace of mind your Procurement team have a standardised level of skills and competency.

If you’re taking the course for yourself, there’s no obligation to get certified, you can also just take the course itself.

Either way, this training gives you value for a crucial part of your business.

NOTE: Certification is optional. You may take the course without doing the certification exam (however, you will not receive the Certification benefits).

The non-certified certificate completion will show that you completed the “Procurement & Purchasing Management” training course.

Why the CPPS™ designation?

There are lots of Procurement-related designations on the market, so why get CPPS™ qualified?

  • Some Procurement designations are known to use trainers and instructors who don’t even have ANY Procurement experience whatsoever! Ethan Hathaway trainers & instructors are vetted to ensure they have actually worked in the Procurement field.
  • Other designations only require to take a one-off course and test and you are “certified” forever without any on-going professional development requirements. While that seems great on the surface, we believe in taking the Procurement profession more seriously. We believe in a requirement to continuously keep up-to-date and adding skills to your development in order to be taken seriously as a professional. It’s why we provide all of this as part of your on-going Membership.
  • We’re not the cheapest Procurement certified training provider but we’re not the most expensive either. Let me ask you this question: “Would you rather be seen as having the lowest cost designation/certification in the industry? Or would you rather invest just a little bit more to be seen as taking your profession more seriously?” Do you think that bump in your career and income would give you the better return?

Who should enroll in the Certified Procurement & Purchasing Specialist (CPPS) training course?

Innovative Procurement professionals who aren’t afraid to go against the status quo are the perfect candidates to take the CPPS training.

  • Purchasers
  • Buyers
  • Procurement staff
  • Supplier Managers
  • Supply Chain Consultants
  • Buyers / Senior Buyers
  • Operations Directors
  • Operations Managers
  • Finance Managers
  • Business Owners / Managing Directors
  • Any professional performing Procurement & Purchasing functions without any prior formal Procurement training or knowledge

Looking for an Procurement training for senior managers and Heads of Procurement? Check out the Certified Master Procurement & Purchasing Specialist CMPPS (formerly CCPO) training.

Regular course fee: USD 297.00

CPPS Leads (AC)

Have a question? Email us at: or visit the help center.

Here’s what past clients say about the CPPS course:

“Great knowledge, very good exercise…” – L.H.K., ATG Europe

“Very good course and it will retain that to my job.” – A.M.I., Thiqah Business Services

“Great engagement…a lot of practical examples…managed to get message across to people from different industries & levels…” – C.A., IKEA Centers

“Excellent material, professional way of presenting and covered really well.”A.O., Dubai Supply Authority

“Overall, above expectation…It was a really nice course with a trainer who has such a big knowledge (sic) and experience in the field.” – M.E., Tanap Dogalgaz Iletim

“Very experienced, came with a lot of suggestions and practical examples to take back to the workplace! Experienced speaker, case studies helpes to relate to real life situations and scenarios.” – A.J., Natixis

Here’s what past clients say about our Procurement courses:

“Glad I attended…The course was presented professionally and is internationally recognised as a good course.” – I.F., Contract Manager-Procurement, Overseas AST Co, UAE

“Michael is a pro, he makes us realize the value of procurement…The course is excellent.” – B.M., Senior Procurement Engineer, Al Habtoor Leighton Group, UAE

“Frankly, it’s an awesome training course it was the most useful course I have. The case study and demonstrations of the topic is directly issued by the simplest way, thanks all.

Frankly, follow up from customer service is awesome even before registered to the course you only have to think and ask and they immediately answer.” – A.S.A.M., Procurement & Tenders Manager Assistant, PGNiG, Egypt

“Well presented by the speaker & interactive too.” – J.J., Al-Safi Dairy Co, Saudi Arabia

“What I liked most about this training course was the tender process – supplier evaluation.” – F.R., HSBC, Qatar

“It was talking about the science behind my daily procurement – which gave me insight on how to develop myself & processes from a different mindset/angle. It covered 100%+ of my expectations.” – A.R., Procurement & Logistics Engineer, Tecom Investments, UAE

“Why did I choose to attend this course? It was recommended by a colleague and senior management. Internet research proved Ethan Hathaway is a very good institute.” – T.R., Supply Chain Manager, Award Technology, UAE

“I liked this course because it covered everything from tender process, procurement and project management which is new for me.” – A.S., Technical Buyer, Oman Oil, Oman

“Extensive information provided on procurement related matters.” – P.T., Afton Chemical

“At beginning I thought it is worth coming and get myself a certificate…but after attending I am fully satisfied with knowledge and guidance provided.” – L.W., Aker Solutions

What You Receive

All ONLINE courses include:

On-Demand Lessons

Online courses include on-demand video and/or text-based lessons with 12 months access (option to renew).
Go at your own pace.

Digital Downloads

Courses include digital resources, such as course slide decks, additional reading, exercises & more.

Anywhere Access

Access the course(s) anywhere with an Internet-enabled device. (*Our own mobile app is in the works)

Digital Certificate

Upon successful course completion, you receive a digital certificate of completion to download & print.


Our training courses are designed to be practical, not just theoretical or academic.

Designed for Busy Professionals

Courses are designed for the busy working professional.

Sneak Peak Inside the Online Learning Portal

Have a look inside the online learning portal to get an idea of what it’s like.

If you successfully complete the Certification Exam, you also receive:

Digital Badge

This digital badge designates you as a Certified Chartered Member of your specific designation, which you may use on business cards, resumes, LinkedIn profiles, website profiles, email signatures and more.

To continue using your badge, you must renew your membership certification each year.

CPPS Certificate sample

Digital Certification Certificate

In addition to the Certificate of Completion for the course in general, if you successfully pass (achieve 80% or higher) the Certification exam, you also receive a (digital) certification certificate to mark your achievement.

Alumni Status

You’ll be recognized as an Alumni and be eligible for Alumni-only benefits. E.g. alumni networking groups and events (coming soon).

Members-Only Discounts

In addition to the Certificate of Completion for the course in general, if you successfully pass (achieve 80% or higher) the Certification exam, you also receive a (digital) certification certificate to mark your achievement.

Why Ethan Hathaway

There are LOTS of training providers in the market, so why choose Ethan Hathaway?

Ethan Hathaway has established itself as a reputable training partner for over 18+ years to top companies all over the world.

Our philosophy is to make YOU as valuable as can be both in your career and your employer.

Enrolment Options

Online Self-Study

USD 297
(12-months access)

For Individual learning at your own pace.

On-Demand Video Lessons (approx. 5hrs of video lessons)
Downloadable Resources
12 months access (option to renew)
Anywhere access with Internet-enabled devices
Digital Certificate of Completion
Digital Badge of Completion
BONUS #1: 2 x certification exam attempts (value of $200.00)
BONUS #2: If you achieve 80% or higher on exam, your first 3 months Charter Membership is included (value of $49.25)
Instructor Q&A

In-House Customized / Bespoke

Contact Us

Either schedule a private in-house delivery and/or customize the content to your specific needs.


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