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Certified Master Corporate Compliance Specialist-(CMCCS)™ Training Course

For Senior and Advanced Compliance Professionals…Certified Master Corporate Compliance Specialist (CMCCS)™ Training CourseSome of the greatest organizational challenges of the Twenty First Century are related to corporate governance, compliance and risk management Increasing stakeholder demands for transparency are intensified by growing public scrutiny resulting from a range of catastrophic compliance failures from around the globe. The […]

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Certified Supply Chain Management Professional – (CSCMP)™ Training Course

Get a Leg Up On the Competition and Increase Your Marketability and Value to Your Supply Chain Management Career…Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCMP)™ Training CourseThe Supply Chain Management field is set for massive disruption, but this won’t change… …with the forecast of driverless trucks, automation, artificial intelligence, big data and more, the Supply Chain […]

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Certified Master Enterprise Risk Management Specialist (CMERMS) Training Course

How to Implement and Manage an Effective Enterprise Risk Management SystemCertified Master Enterprise Risk Management Specialist (CERMS)™ Training Course  The Certified Master Enterprise Risk Management Specialist (CMERMS) training course is a practical hands-on training designed for more experienced and advanced managers, professionals, consultants, internal and external auditors that deal with the complexities of enterprise wide […]

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The Truth About Fintech: The Latest on Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Big Data and Fintech Training Course

The 80/20 of What Any Executive Needs to Know About Financial Technology…The Truth About Fintech: The Latest on Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Big Data and Fintech Training CourseThis Workshop Weeds Out Everything You Need to Know and Understand About All These Upcoming Financial Tech Trends… Projects can range from straightforward reference data cleanse to Procure-to-Pay business transformations […]

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Certified Quantitative Investment Analyst – (CQIA)™ Training Course

Become an Exclusive Financial Analytics Master……Ride the Wave of the Data AnalyticsCertified Quantitative Investment Analyst (CQIA)™ Training Course If you have always wanted to learn the quantitative aspects of Investing & Risk Management and at the same time get acquainted with a programming language – this programme is for you. We walk you through the […]

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International Swaps & Derivatives Association (ISDA)® Master Agreements Training Course

The A-Z of ISDA® Agreements: Understanding ISDA® Agreements Training CourseThis programme gives you a comprehensive understanding of the ISDA® agreements. The International Swaps & Derivatives Association (ISDA®) has long played a pivotal role in global over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives markets and has been a major driver of market development through the promulgation of best practice as well as […]

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Certified MS Power BI Professional (CPBIP)™ Training Course

Add This to Your Data Analysis ToolkitCertified MS Power BI Professional (CPBIP)™ Training Course*How to Use Power BI and Power Query to Create Incredible Data Visualizations Power BI (including Power Query & Power Pivot) are the biggest Excel news items in the last 10 years. They give Excel users the power to draw information out […]

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Certified Big Data Analyst (CBDA)™ Training Course

How to Align Big Data and Analytics in Your BusinessCertified Big Data Analyst (CBDA)™ Training CourseAre You Missing Massive Opportunities in Your Business?   A common problem for a Big Data or data analytics program is a lack of quantifiable data quality measures and processes that support analytics for business improvement. In other words, there’s […]

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Certified Chief Procurement Officer-(CCPO)™ Training Course

Attention Senior Procurement Professionals…Certified Master Procurement & Purchasing Specialist (CMPPS) (a.ka. Certified Chief Procurement Officer-CCPO)™ Training CourseHow to Lead Your Procurement Team AND Add Value In Your Business with Advanced Procurement Strategies Savvy Procurement leaders understand that Procurement involves so much more than Googling for potential suppliers, asking them for a quotation and then selecting the lowest-priced quotation presented. […]

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ProcurementCon™ Procurement Conference

Get On the Wait List for an Invitation to a Conference Near YouProcurementCon™ Procurement Conference ProcurementCon is our flagship Procurement conference. The conference is a focused event for Senior Procurement Professionals around the world. You’ll gain insights into the latest issues and best practices in Procurement today while getting a chance to meet and make new […]

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