How to Have Productive Meetings, John Cleese Shares These Tips…

Meetings can be such a pain and waste of time if left unchecked. The iconic John Cleese of Monty Python fame shares some timeless tips (all the way back from 1976!) [via Recommendo]: ESSENTIAL CLIPS Saudi Arabia continues diversification initiative via share offering of Saudi Telecom Co (STC) You should know: this country is winning

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Cut 10 Hours of Meetings By Doing This…

Even before a global pandemic moved everyone to Zoom meetings, in-person meetings have mostly been culprits in wasting time and negatively affecting productivity ever since the meetings were “invented”. To prevent meeting overload and scheduling non-useful meetings, you can ask these two questions before considering a meeting: Will you have something to contribute? Will you

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Do you hate meetings?

The biggest time killer and waster is meetings. Specifically unfocused meetings. It’s the one bain of time management. It’s also the one thing I rarely grant and waste time on unless: There’s a specific need There’s a specific structure and topic It’s pre-scheduled Otherwise, I don’t do meetings. The Economics talks more about the dreaded

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Being productive whether you’re an Introvert or Extrovert

I’m a huge proponent of working to your natural preferences (I’m a natural Introvert). Despite the fact the world is majority catered to Extroverted people, the increasing awareness of how both types work differently is really nice to see. Here’s a nice article on how both types can create a more productive environment whicever type

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Not a morning person?

When you’re not a morning person, it seems as if you are somehow always surrounded by morning people. This simply isn’t good…it’s not good on our health nor our demeanor. And if you’re the guy or gal in charge, it can have a huge detrimental impact on your relations with investors. Today we have 7

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Secrets. They are only good once they get out…because before that, it’s as if they never existed. We have some secrets for you today. They are the secrets of the most productive people. This list comes from people of all walks of life. Some are CEOs. Others are entertainers. Whatever they are, the one thing

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Golden Hours

Did you know the most productive hours of your day are right when you wake up. Don’t get distracted with Facebook, email, or twitter. These hours in the morning, after you wash can be a time of setting your mind in proper order, ready to work on tasks right before you. Learn how to harness

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One of the biggest issues we deal with in leadership is the issue of workflow. We are constantly on the move, thinking of new ideas and places to take our businesses. With so many thoughts and ideas crowding our day, it can be hard some times to actually get some work done. But we can’t

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