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Credit Derivatives: Pricing & Hedging Training Course

Demystify the Complex Products of Credit Derivatives with this Clear and Practical CourseCredit Derivatives: Pricing & Hedging Training CourseThis course gives you the wide range of uses of credit derivatives, pricing and hedging of credit derivatives products and insights into the latest credit derivatives products and applications strategies in the markets. Overview of what you […]

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Syndicated Loans Training Course

We Show You Everything You Need to Know Involving Loan Syndication as a Financing and Risk Management SolutionSyndicated Loans Training CourseThis syndicated loans training course is designed for lending officers to deepen your corporate relationships and arrange syndicated loans for key customers. How to leverage syndicated loans for your business… …for banks conventional lending business […]

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Corporate Credit Analysis Training Course

How to Effectively Evaluate and Analyse a Company’s Financial Statements and Know How to Spot Warning SignsCorporate Credit Analysis Training CourseThis practical training course gives you the fundamental building blocks to perform effective credit and financial analysis. How to Effectively Evaluate a Company’s Credit Worthiness and Value Through This Corporate Credit Analysis Training Course This […]

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International Loan Documentation Training Course

International Loan Documentation Training CourseThis is a hands-on, step by step, practical review of international loans. The key emphasis is to really understand what provisions are essential, how to spot risks and avoid traps, and thereby provide better quality loan documents. Loan Documentation Training Course Overview This is a hands-on, step by step, practical review […]

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Credit Risk Management Training Course

How to Identify, Measure and Reduce Credit Risk ExposuresCredit Risk Management Training CourseThis credit risk training course shows you how to identify, measure and minimise credit risk exposures. How to Add Value to the Credit Risk Process Here’s what you will gain and walk away with after attending this training: You’ll feel more confident in […]

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Commercial Lending Training Course

Commercial Lending Training CourseThis Commercial Lending training course teaches you key skills required to perform the specialist function of assessing businesses for loan purposes. Commercial Lending Training Course Overview The Commercial Lending training course has come about through the identification of key skills required to perform the specialist function of assessing businesses for loan purposes. […]

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Certified Trade Finance Professionals (CTFP) Training Course

Lift the Cloud Over How Trade Finance Mechanisms and Products Work and Discover How to Grow Your Trade Finance BusinessCertified Trade Finance Professional (CTFP) Training CourseThis training course gives you an in-depth look at international trade finance looking at products and solutions. Here’s How You Benefit From This Trade Finance Course: How to sell trade […]

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