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The Elite Edge eHub Skills Pass

In a recent ‘Future of Work and Employee Learning’ report by Sitel Group, they found that Thirty-seven percent of current employees say they would leave their current job/employer if they were not offered training to learn new skills.’

Get access to our library of Skills Classes.

The E3 membership is an easy and great way to help you retain your staff and maximise your company’s most important asset.

Some of the global companies that train their staff with Ethan Hathaway:

Gain Valuable Business Skills from Carefully Vetted & Selected Global Experts

The problem with many online course vendors and marketplaces is they don’t filter and screen out trainers.

Anybody who wants to be an instructor and sell an online course is accepted. That leads to a massive issue of no standard of quality and misinformation.

Imagine training your staff with incorrect knowledge and bad habits?

Ethan Hathaway uses our proprietary 5-step screening process developed from over two decades of being in the training industry to carefully select instructors.

We only accept 1 in 5 instructor applications. We decline more instructor applications than we accept.

How Do You Benefit from the Elite Edge eHub (E3)?

Actionable Skills

Gain all-around useful skills & implement FAST.


Stay ahead of the curve with the LATEST high-value skills.

Async Coaching

Members also get asynchronous, multi-discipline questions & answers.


Create value with a complete set of skills.

Curated Experts

Carefully vetted & curated experts from around the world to give you a global perspective.

EH Exclusives

Exclusive skills classes not found anywhere else.

Tools & Resources

The E3 library is not just videos, but also practical tools & resources such as checklists, templates, cheat sheets, printables and more.

Multiple Languages

Select classes will be available with subtitles in multiple languages (coming soon).

Member Discounts

E3 members get exclusive discounts on Premium Courses and Workshops.

What You Get with the Elite Edge eHub Pass

Easily digestible skill classes
Access to future skill classes for as long as you are a member
Focused and specific skills & outcomes
Includes EH Exclusive & Original Skill Classes you won’t find anywhere else PLUS Curated Classes by Global Experts
Great for continuing education
Broad-range of business skills to make you a more complete executive
Members-only Async coaching & mentoring, got a problem or question you want help with? Ask our coach!
24/7 access with any Internet-enabled device
Multiple-languages (coming soon)
E3 Member discounts on special in-person/virtual events and workshops
***If you’re an EH certified charter member, E3 is keeps your charter membership active
The actionableMBA
Included for $0. (Value of $297.00)

The actionableMBA is an exclusively-designed program for business professionals in this fast-changing environment.

The concepts & principles are unconventional and designed for today’s hybrid environment.

What the Elite Edge eHub Isn’t

The items below are not included in the EH+ memberships:

Premium courses (e.g. Certified Digital Banking CEBS, Commodities Trading, ALM, Treasury Mgt, etc). Discounts available to E3 members
Workshops (virtual and in-person) – but discounts available to E3 members

Here’s a Sample of Skills Classes in the Library


Applied Corporate Finance
Introduction to Mergers & Acquisitions M&A)
Client Relationships Management
Introduction to Financial Modelling
Advanced Financial Modelling


Analysing Financial Statements


Agile Project Management
Coaching & Mentoring
How to Grow a Business & Enterprise
Managing Across Cultures
Managing Remote Teams (Coming soon)

AI in Business

AI in Leadership (Coming Soon)
Practical Use-Cases for AI in the Workplace (Coming Soon)


Client Relationship Management
The Art of Sales Proposals (Coming soon)
Cold Outreach Done Right (Coming Soon)
Zero to Paid: Getting Your First Consulting Client (Coming Soon)


Elements of High-Performance Websites
80/20 High Performance Email Marketing
Digital Marketing Strategy with Funnels
Marketing Analytics
Paid Search with Google Ads
LinkedIn Power Profile


WordPress in a Weekend
Elements of High-Performance Websites

Exclusive to Ethan Hathaway Elite Edge eHub

Why the Elite Edge eHub?

In the current environment of learning providers, why choose E3? What makes it different than LinkedIn or Udemy?

Carefully curated and vetted global experts, not just anyone can upload a class or be an instructor.
The Elite Edge eHub pass’ goal is to help you implement faster, meaning carefully curated content, tools & resources to achieve the outcomes you want.

No more wading through a paralysing amount of content not know where to start or just abandoning your goal due to information overload/overwhelm.

Ever scroll through the infinite amount of shows available on Netflix only to realize you wasted the last 20-30 minutes just scrolling without actually watching anything? The E3 library is designed to avoid this overwhelm.
Future-proof. We have a philosophy of looking future-forward, not just offering stale and outdated skills.
Elite Edge eHub

Become an Elite Edge eHub (E3) Skills Member


USD 150 per year (Billed annually)

(That works out to just 12.50 per month or $0.41 cents per day!
Less than a daily cup of coffee or tea)

On-Demand 24/7 All Access
Easily digestible skill classes – put into action FAST
Valuable business skills that help you earn more
Members-only discounts on certified, premium courses and workshops
Members-only async coaching to answer your questions on leadership, management, sales and marketing.
BONUS: Join E3 today and get access to The actionableMBA for $0 (Value of $297.00) – ***Currently in production

Have any questions? Email us at: support@ethanhathaway.com

TEAMS: Want E3 for your teams? Contact us for Team pricing.

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