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Certified Supply Chain Management Professional – (CSCMP)™ Training Course

Get a Leg Up On the Competition and Increase Your Marketability and Value to Your Supply Chain Management Career…Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCMP)™ Training CourseThe Supply Chain Management field is set for massive disruption, but this won’t change… …with the forecast of driverless trucks, automation, artificial intelligence, big data and more, the Supply Chain […]

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Certified Chief Procurement Officer-(CCPO)™ Training Course

Attention Senior Procurement Professionals…Certified Master Procurement & Purchasing Specialist (CMPPS) (a.ka. Certified Chief Procurement Officer-CCPO)™ Training CourseHow to Lead Your Procurement Team AND Add Value In Your Business with Advanced Procurement Strategies Savvy Procurement leaders understand that Procurement involves so much more than Googling for potential suppliers, asking them for a quotation and then selecting the lowest-priced quotation presented. […]

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ProcurementCon™ Procurement Conference

Get On the Wait List for an Invitation to a Conference Near YouProcurementCon™ Procurement Conference ProcurementCon is our flagship Procurement conference. The conference is a focused event for Senior Procurement Professionals around the world. You’ll gain insights into the latest issues and best practices in Procurement today while getting a chance to meet and make new […]

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Certified Procurement & Purchasing Professional Specialist-(CPPS)™ Training Course

Get a Leg Up On the Competition and Increase Your Marketability and Value to Your Procurement Career…Certified Procurement & Purchasing Specialist (CPPS)™ Training CourseWhen you finish this training for international Procurement professionals, you’ll have a proven blueprint for How to Reduce Costs AND Add Value In Your Business Through Improved Procurement Processes …No matter what industry you’re […]

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Service Level Agreements (SLAs) MasterclassTraining Course

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Masterclass Training CourseThis training course teaches you how to leverage service level agreements (sla’s) to drive performance in your business. Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) Course Benefits Aligning your SLAs with the objectives of the business Defining the roles of the various management Encompassing KPI’s into your SLA documents Determining   whether the deliverables […]

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Supply Chain Management Training Course

How to Use Supply Chain Management As Your Competitive Advantage to Improve Service Levels While Driving Down CostsSupply Chain Management Training CourseThis Supply Chain Management training course teaches you how to use supply chain management to improve service levels and drive down costs. Benefits of this Supply Chain Management Training Course By attending this course, […]

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