Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Masterclass Training Course

This training course teaches you how to leverage service level agreements (sla’s) to drive performance in your business.

Available as:

Self-Study Online: over 1.5 hrs of video lessons
Beginner level
Flexible schedule. Study at your own pace.
Taught in English
In-House Customised/Bespoke (Virtual and In-Person)

Regular course fee: USD 297.00

SLA Leads (AC)

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Service-Level Agreements (SLA) Training Course

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  • Ashwaq from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Sylvia from Austin, TX, USA
  • Mohammed from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Someone from SIAM Cement Group
  • Varena from Jacksonville, FL, USA

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Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) Course Benefits

  • Aligning your SLAs with the objectives of the business
  • Defining the roles of the various management
  • Encompassing KPI’s into your SLA documents
  • Determining   whether the deliverables of the SLA can be linked to your KPI’S
  • Measuring SLA performance
  • Dealing effectively with non-performance
  • Highlighting the basis to reward good performance with service credits
  • Managing changing requirements for streamlined management
  • Benchmarking services and establishing world class standards
  • Pinpointing the basis for price increase/decrease
  • Strengthening the management of the transition of services when terminating an SLA

SLA Masterclass Training Course Agenda Highlights

In-Person vs Online Course Differences

In-Person Training Highlights (*note: there are slight differences between the in-person and self-study online course content, please read the differences carefully below):

Online Self-Study Course Syllabus:

***Please note the principles & concepts may be applied to various different SLA environments.

  • Defining service-level agreements (SLA’s) => (see 2:11 in Lesson 1)
  • 5 Benefits of SLA’s => (see 1:31 in Lesson 2)
  • The SLA Framework => (see 0:59 in Lesson 2)
  • What SLA’s should and shouldn’t be => (see 2:42 in Lesson 2)
  • How to Create an SLA: We share the 8 steps to creating your own SLA’s => (see 0:56 in Lesson 3)
  • Exclusions and Checklists for your SLA’s => (see Lesson 4)
  • Automated SLA’s => (see Lesson 5)
  • A Look at the Supplier Perspective in an SLA => (see Lesson 6)
  • SLA Metrics: How to Measure SLA Performance => (see Lesson 7)
  • Common Mistakes in Developing & Implementing SLA’s => (see 6:55 Lesson 7)
  • SLA KPI’s: Including what’s the difference between SLA Metrics and KPI’s => (see 0:43 Lesson 8)
  • Critical KPI’s for an Efficient Company => (see 6:59 Lesson 8)
  • How to Use Balanced Scorecards => (see 1:27 Lesson 9)
  • Bonus SLA resources: Sample SLA’s => (see Lesson 11)

In-Person Training Highlights

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for Internal Business Services
  • Outlining the Level of Services Using Tools such as: Service Forecasting and Scenario Testing
  • Service Level Agreements to shared services SLAs– Supporting Mission & Strategy Achievement
  • Service Level Agreement Projects
  • How to Perfect your SLA Using Enhanced SLA Modelling
  • Key Measurements and Activity Based Service Level Agreements
    • Finance & Accounting
    • HR
    • Procurement
    • Facilities / Premises Management
    • Service Desks, Call Centres and Contact Centres
    • Logistics
    • Legal Services Case Studies

***For in-person/live virtual training session, we can cover your own internal service, where the trainer will try to provide relevant performance metrics.

  • How to Develop & Structure Your SLA
  • Costing services
  • Case Study Exercise
  • How SLA Best Practices May Differ in Various Geographies

Regular course fee: USD 297.00

SLA Leads (AC)

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Who Will Benefit

Who should attend this SLA Masterclass training course?

  • Vendor / Project Managers
  • Technical Support / Customer Support Managers
  • BPO Managers
  • Banks’ Managers
  • Outsourcing Managers
  • CIOs / IT Managers
  • Service Delivery / Shared Service / Common Services / Customer Service Managers
  • Service Purchasing / Procurement Managers
  • Managers in Finance, Procurement, Facilities & Premises, Legal Services, Human Resources, Logistics and other support services
  • Business Development Managers

SLA Course Reviews

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Regular course fee: USD 297.00

SLA Leads (AC)

Have a question? Email us at: or visit the help center.

What You Receive

All ONLINE courses include:

On-Demand Lessons

Online courses include on-demand video and/or text-based lessons with 12 months access (option to renew).
Go at your own pace.

Digital Downloads

Courses include digital resources, such as course slide decks, additional reading, exercises & more.

Anywhere Access

Access the course(s) anywhere with an Internet-enabled device. (*Our own mobile app is in the works)

Digital Certificate

Upon successful course completion, you receive a digital certificate of completion to download & print.


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Enrolment Options


USD 150
(12-months access)

For Individual learning at your own pace.

On-Demand Video Lessons
Downloadable Resources
12 months access (option to renew)
Anywhere access with Internet-enabled devices
Digital Certificate of Completion
Digital Badge of Completion
Instructor Q&A


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